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House broken? NO

I am having a small problem with Joey.

I take him to work everyday. He is almost never alone. We crate him when we go out, but he stays on the bed with us at night. I bring him to work with me and there are no accidents at work anymore. I keep a close eye on him and he is closed in my office. He actually asks me to go out at work. Hell jump up and lick me until we go out. Which is great! I tell him good boy Joey, lets go outside.

At home though its a different story, were sure to bring him out often but sometimes he just wont go, so well bring him in and then ten minutes later there is a puddle in any given room. It is driving me crazy. Hes almost 6 months old! It is like at home hell just forget he cant go inside. Ill catch him in the act and say JOEY NO and he runs to the door, which makes me think that he knows hes not supposed to do that in the house.

Even in the middle of the night at home hell wake me up to tell me he has to go and I immediately jump up and bring him. It is so frustrating. I dont know how to correct this problem or how to teach him that the house is bad and the outside is good. We praise him when he does it outside and when he does it inside we correct him.

If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.
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He might be confused by residual smells in the carpet. Dogs have very powerful noses and he can probably pick up stuff you can't. If you can, try having your carpets professionaly cleaned and start again with your training from there. ... if this isn't an option I recommend at least renting a steamer. This will be especially beneficial if you have been using grocery store carpet cleaners (they don't work). Good luck!
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Oh no problem. I actually have a carpet steamer! Its not just the carpets... its the kitchen floor, the living room, the hall, the bathroom. It gets pretty frustrating.
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If it won't go outside, when he comes in place him in his crate. Try 15 minutes later. No freedom in the house until he goes outside and then tons of praise.
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Dogs that are not completely housebroken usually still tend to favor a certain area ... if he really is going all over the house then you may not want to rule out a bladder infection, etc. Just another thought ....
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