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How things have changed....

I was just thinking today how things have changed in this house... When I bought Odie home, mom had the idea that he was going to live in the backyard. Of course, he was a week old puppy, and we couldn't put him out right away, so she agreed to have him in the house for a while. I used to keep him in a 10g tank (lol, just like my rodents...), and when I was around, I would put him on the floor on a towel. The first time mom saw him there she told me "you are getting him used to be on the floor". My sister and I joked so much about this! "Odie is going to have to levitate instead of walking". Well, when he hit the 6 weeks of age, I started classes, so I moved to my apartment, and took him. Of course, there he was inside the house all the time, and got used to it, so I used the excuse to keep him in even though mom didn't wanted to. I came home only on weekend anyway, so we weren't much time here... Well, when we were here, he was confined to my room, since mom didn't wanted him anywere in the house. My sis did liked him, though, so she told me to let him into her room when we were around. To my mom's dislike, Odie started sleeping with me in my bed at 6 months old. Since then, Odie's been allowed to other parts of the house as long as he's suppervised, so now he pretty much follows me or my sis around the house (except the kitchen, where he's not allowed). He thought that he could get on my sister's bed too, but my sis didn't wanted him there. One day, I walk into my sis room to find them both asleep together. So much for the "not in my bed" rule. A couple of months ago, my sis got a new bed. She swore that Odie wasn't going to be allowed in the new bed.... Guess what? Odie was invited to watch tv on the bed before I was. I still locked him in my room during the night, so he wouldn't mess anything in my sis' room. Last week I went away for 2 days cause I had to take a class on a city that was 2 hours from here... well, my sis took care of Odie and she let him have full run of both rooms. There's no barrier since then, Odie was a very well behaved doggie and my sis told me not to lock him anymore. Last night, Odie abandoned me to sleep with my sis. Things sure have changed around here...
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I am sure he still loves you though Dimaris?
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That's cute, at least your family is being more open to him. I'm sure your still his favorite
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it was the same way when we adopted allison. she was supposed to be an outdoor dog. my husband hated her at first! then ...he was on vacation one week. i went to work one morning and when i came home i found them two on the recliner, allison was sitting on his lap! i guess they needed some bonding time. allison is now an indoor puppy, goes to the store every monday morning with my husband...sitting proudly in the front passenger seat! she went on a week trip to amarillo and albuquerque with us in march! this morning he brought allison into bed!
i think some people have a harder time opening up to an animal, especially in their house. then once they realize how wonderful and fullfilling an animal can be they open their hearts. its a good thing. i am so glad they opened their homes and their hearts.
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aawww.. Don't worry he still loves you, Your his Mommy!
He probably thinks of your sister as his Girlfriend ;p LOL
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LOL... I think he likes my sis cause he can get away with stuff with her. He growls at her and she gets scared and lets him have the part of the bed that he wants, now he growls at me and I push him off the bed and he's not allowed in a while... lol... he did slept with me last night, but as soon as I woke up to go to work, he went to sleep with my sis... lol. He still freaks out when I'm going out and I have to lock him so he doesn't follows me into the street. 8P
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