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i decided to keep it

well i am wanting to keep it.
let me tell you a more about it
its a 7 week old girl. she has only been in the house two days. i am planning on "paper training" her. so far she hasnt went in the paper once. i am going to read more on doing it. and she keeps crying unless i am right next to her touching her? is this normal? and do they have flea colars for dogs? i think she has flees. i plan on getting her some avantix soon. i am going to the store today for some toys and some puppy pads.
surprisingly hubby feel in love with it and wants to keep it! never had that happen with ANY thing before
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Congrats on the new addition, have you named her yet?
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congrats on your new addition.

I would steer clear of flea collars, especially on a puppy. I would get the advantix or the frontline asap though. I use frontline and its great for puppies too.

My guess is she was taken away from the litter far to early and that would account for why she behaves the way she does. Try giving her a stuffed animal that may help make her "comfortable" without being clingy to you.
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thanks for the idea. i went to the store and got her a pigs ear and it seriously helped alot! i think she was bored with me!
right now we are calling her
(pronounced nook nook)
also she has used the paper a few times today soon after posting this. when she wakes up, eats, drinks, or plays i will set her on her paper and she will use it, but still wont go to it on her own. i give her tons of praise when she goes potty on the paper. she seems to love praise more than treats or toys. her little tail waggs a million miles an hour when i praise her. i assume she is making good progress since its just day two. she still isnt sleeping in the house with us, i have to wait until the room is completly dog proof before i can do that. and until she is mostly potty trained. but i realize outside she can pee where ever, and inside just in one corner may confuse her. what would you do? maybe crate train? what do you do about "pee and poo" while she is in the crate? if i line it with papers and she goes pee in there wont it confuse her on where in the house to potty?? is wish i didnt have to paper train, and just have her outside to pee, but no one is home to let her out. and doggy doors are out of the question. we live on a very busy high way with no fenced in yard (if it was my yard i wouldnt hesitate in putting up a fence for a second)
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Congrats on the new addition to your family!!
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CongRATS on keeping the pup...how is it going?

I paper train all of the puppies I foster as well as start housetraining.I also crate train all of the puppies and dogs I foster.Beagle Paws provides the crates for me and the current dog I have now is crate trained and is actually asleep in her crate now for the night.She is fine the whole night.I never crate her in the daytime, unless we all have to go out...so she is only crated if nobody is home or during the night.She never soils it either, but then again she is an adult dog and housetrained.

I have had a few puppies soil their crates, because they don't have control.So if you are going to try crate training your pup, you may want to get up a few times during the night to let her out to relieve herself...

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