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I have no idea

Simon is finally feeling much better and eating good again after his bout of parvo, YAY. He is also returning to his puppiness and the past few days we have been noticing a weird behaviour. We can't make heads or tails of it.

Here is the story:

Simon is a GSD puppy about 7 months old, I also have two grown cats that he is obsessed with. One cat more than the other "clarissa" he particularly is annoyed by. I have been working with him since day one about the cats "no kitty" I get him to come to me and sit, he then gets "good boy, no kitty" within minutes he is back to the cats. In my office my other cat likes to sit on my lap when I am at the computer or right next to the monitor, I can actually manage him in my office with the "no kitty" or at least somewhat. Eventually he become bored and will nap near me.

He is usally around me during the day, my husband works from home but mostly the dogs hang with me or play in the room next to me for a while and return, pretty standard day around here. In the evening when my husband is out of his office and in the living room, they go play with him a bit and check on me less. I eventually come out of my office and will go sit in the living room and here is when the weird thing is happening.........Simon looses his mind.

Clarissa likes to hang out with us too but usually at a distance since the puppies arrived. Her usual place is under an end table near the couch. I blocked off all areas to actual access of that table so she might have some peace. Whenever I come into the living room now Simon must watch, talk, and chastise the cat. I tell him "no kitty" I physically remove him, and he keeps going back, or trying to since I blocked it off.

Ok, not so weird, he is a dog, she is a cat, right? The kicker is he only does this when I am around.

Last night I tried ignoring him, thinking maybe he is doing it to get my attention. I couldn't take it after two hours and tried putting him in his crate for a little "time out" to try and help him get his mind off the cat. Once I let him out, about an hour later, he went right back to the cat. We kick the cat out of the room and she comes back, I swear the cat is evil and since we got the dogs, she has decided to torment them with her pressence as our punishment.

I am so long winded, sorry. So why is Simon losing his mind when I come in the living room? He doesn't do it with the other family members, I wonder if something I am doing is triggering his behaviour. I don't know this is just so weird.
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Well first of all I am very glad to hear that Simon is back home and doing much better As for the behavior, well it is kind of normal, we have 2 of our dog's that chase 2 out of 3 kitties, mainly Bubbles, although we have tried the same methods you have mentioned nothing changes. Our dog's have always been around cats, so it is just mind boggling. They only seem to do it when we are in the same room, they don't do it when we are the living room (that is usually quiet time), but when we are in the den area, and Bubbles comes around, look out the chase is on.... The only thing I can come up with is she must have done something to them, to really tick them off, or they just like to hear us yell I know I'm of no help, I apologize for that.....
Maybe because Simon just does it when your around could be his way of getting your attention diverted to him I really don't know.
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I had the idea that if I got Simon as a puppy he would be raised with the cats and not be as interested in them. Back to the drawing board........................I let you know if any of the tricks up my sleeve help with "CAT obsession"
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Hes a PUPPY.. i realize youre tryin to get him to leave the cats alone, but my 9 month old husky has been chasing the cats from day one... it could very well be the cat as well... Natalya loves my cats.. shell clean them and leave them alone, but the other cats are mean to her so they get chased... im hopin she grows out of it.. maybe he will too
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I guess even though I know he is a puppy, it's hard to remember he is a "pup" he's just a big boy. I would almost swear that Clarissa taunts him, he come to her tail wagging and low talking woofs, and never gives up that one day they will romp and be buddies. Clarissa on the other hand taunts him, then sits back just out of reach and swats his big ol nose. I can't tell you how many times I have wiped blood off his nose from her wacking him. I also keep thinking, "oh he'll learn" and eventually equate chasing the cat or trying to do anything with the cat means you get swatted with sharp little claws. I am not so sure of that anymore though,lol.
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