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I just got a Husky, any suggestions?


I just got a 5 month old Husky male. I'm doing the cage training with him and now that I have him in another room he doesn't bark all night. I've only had him a week but he is actually picking up on everything really fast. I'm just curious if anyone has any suggestions or comments on things they ran into with this breed.


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i've posted about this before.. i got my female at 5 months as well.... keep him busy... if there is a dog park in your area, take him there, but only if its fenced in.. they need to run, need to exercize.... never, EVER let him off the leash.. its their instinct to run and he will do just that and may never come back... ifs he bored, he'll become destructive... lots of toys.. i dont do the cage thing so i dont know about that.. but natalya likes to eat stuff... you need to spend a lot of time with him.. watch out for dishrags (mine has eaten a few) .. it onlys takes seconds for them to get into something... it took her, who is a year old now, just half an hour to eat my keyless entry for my car and a potholder,...
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Huskies are known to be very hyper so the more you keep him busy the better he will become Lot's of play time, attention, and walks Crate training is a wonderful thing to do, as they are also known to be chewers. Huskies are great dog's if you know how to work with them, by keeping them busy and preventing them from doing possible no-no things.
Also if you can, I would recommend enrolling him in some type of obedience training, huskies tend to need a little help in the right direction sometimes
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exercise exercise excerise. i have three sibes and i cant stress enough how important it is to keep them active. it keeps them healthy and happy. siberians love to run and love to be doing something at all times whether its just running on a rope or playing with the basketball haha

huskies are very stubborn as well. if they dont wanna do something they will not do it. they are smart to. my youngest would stay in the yard and at the campground in the field off leash and i thought i was so smart that i took a husky how to stay...

he got off one day and now he will not stay. its bred into them to run be prepared haha

i think they are truly a wonderful breed though with the right types of owners
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crate training, dog park, obedience training

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