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Unhappy JRT Allergies-help? alternatives and other suggestions

Hello - A year ago I suspected my JR terrier (Sassy) had ear mites, and treated her over the counter for them. After a few days, the "infestation" did not alleviate so i took her to a vet. I was told it was an ear infection not unlike a common yeast infection like thrush. We were prescribed an anti-inflammatory to help the swelling go down (from the itching I assume), an antibiotic, and a salve to help with the scratches she gouged in them. The problem seemed to go away.

After the medicine was depleted she had a short period of relief. Then they started back. We revisited the vets and were told it was allergies. More salve, more antibiotics, and this time, an antihistamine. She had relief again. Meds ran out, the cycle continued and I tried to express my concern to the vet.

I switched vets. We started an elimination diet 4 weeks ago. Her hears are bloody, swollen, gouged, cracked bleeding and she is now doing what sounds like cats do prior to coughing up a hair ball and finally, this morning, she threw up. She is on a Venison/potato formula and doesn't seem to enjoy it very much. She gets no other food, treats anything nor is she on any medication other than an ear wash once a day to twice a day. I fear she is not getting any better.

I myself suffer from terrible food allergies - and I know that my elimination diet takes some time. However - I have been prescribed an antihistamine to knock out whatever allergen attack I"m having and then I monitor my food. I always get better. She is not.

Do you have any suggestion or idea what other methods I can try? She also licks her paws, chews her tail, and it seems her hair is thinning around her stomach, teats, and groin area. Possibly from licking. I would like to try benadryl. The current vet wants her to eat NOTHING, ingest NOTHING but the food she is on. This is ridiculous. She's not a lab animal, she's one of our family and I wouldn't treat my child with this treatment.

Does anyone know, have they used it? Benadryl that is - on a dog? She weighs 13-15 lbs (has lost weight due to this) and is almost 3 years old. She looks at me like she's miserable and I must admit I knwo what she's going through. it's TERRIBLE. I have had several hospital admissions over the years due to allergies.

Am getting frantic. I wash her ears out as much as possible but she continues to dig and dig and dig. Oh, and the cones? She rips them off. That's my Sassy!

Thank you.
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Originally Posted by TraiDagucon View Post
...Her hears are bloody, swollen, gouged, cracked bleeding a

Um. NO *slaps self in forehead* - while that's not what I meant to type, lol, it is funny. her EARS, not her HEARS are bloody, swollen, etc.

But the funny thing is, my son called his "ears" his "hears" until he was about 4. I guess I inadvertently switched back to toddler talk discussing the baby girl...lol.

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My vet has actually recommended Benadryl (sp?) for a quick fix for allergies in our Labrador. For a mild reaction we use a cortisone cream in his ears and give him two pills. He's a good 80ibs though so I might try half a pill for a much smaller dog. For his latest ear infection though my vet gave him some sort of antihistamine shot and some steriod drops.

The problem you're having sound very severe I'd definatly give your vet a call and see if they'd recomend it.
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yes, it's getting worse. I can't keep her doing this. I"ve got a call into the vet and haven't heard back yet. I have to run some errands but hopefully she can get her in tomorrow first thing.
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I meant, i can't keep having her feel bad,I intend on keeping her. oy.
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I've given benadryl to my dachshunds who are ~12lbs and my vet told me to use the liquid. Here is what I would do. Call another vet (maybe the one you were using previously) and just ask how much benadryl is safe to give to your dog. You'll need to tell them her weight. Giving your dog benadryl makes him/her tired, so don't be surprised if she's sleepy.

It's really important to get the correct dose from a vet though. Don't try to experiment. Also be sure to ask the vet whether liquid or solid tabs (usually not the gel caps) are better.

From what you have described, it sounds like allergies. The chewing on the tail thing is what my dog does when he has allergies. Did you get your dog from a breeder? If you did, I would give that person a call and see if they have information on common JRT allergies or else you can look online. Most breeders are happy to give information on their breed, so you could look up one online that is in your area and ask them some questions. Good breeders will specialize in one breed and most of the ones I know have had that specific breed for a long time. The dachshund breeders I know are a great source of information because they've had many dogs and dealt with vets a lot.

The coughing thing is probably due to post nasal drip, I would guess. My dog does it too when he gets allergies.


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This is my first time on this site but what you described sounds like skin allergies. I have four dogs and they all do the same thing and my vet says to give them benadryl (sometimes they have to do a round of prednisone). Keep the fleas off too. One bite can start the whole cycle again.

Let us know what happens.
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Although the venison and potato formula is a alternative diet to most dog foods that are poultry based, it is obviously not working for your dog. I would reccomend putting her on a GRAIN FREE, fish based food.

Wellness CORE
California Natural Herring and Sweet Potato
Timberwolf Organics

These are all brands of food that have fish and/or grain free formulas. Keep the ingredients list simple and do not mix protiens (ex. get a food that the first ingredient listed is a fish and the third is beef)

These two websites are more dog focused and may be of some help to you

My German Shepherd has SEVERE food allergies as well and his ears also received the brunt of his problems. I went through a period of him getting yeast infections in his ears and he even developed aural hematomas in both his ears several times. I finally found a food that worked for him (Wellness CORE dry food and Wellness 95% Salmon canned food) and I went to a holistic veterinarian and got him on Chinese herbals instead of using allergy meds and steroids which made him lethargic and really thirsty and just over all he felt crumby. Now that he was been on Chinese herbals for almost 8 months his problems have about 90% disappeared. Occasionally I catch him scratching his ears and under his armpits are a little dry skinned, but we suspect he has seasonal allergies too.

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Poppy was having problems with scratching and biting alot, at her fur, feet etc, i took her to the vet and he suggested a possible food allergy, we were feeding her on James Wellbeloved Lamb and Rice, and the vet suggested a change over to the fish & rice, which seems to ahave made the situation a lot better, she does a bit of scratching but so does all dogs occasionally. We are also carefully what treats we give her, and she has cooked veg and raw carrots to eat as well. Loves her carrot treat
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My 2 yr old dog Carbon suffers from allergies and get massively bad ear infection as well. I spent almost $2000 in vet visits, antihistamines, pills, drops, all that jazz and I found that feeding him raw food with no chemical additives or any grain, oat, wheat products will help him out. The other thing you have to watch for is it could be an external thing causing it. Things like pollen and hay fever can affect dogs as well. Though Carbon will get infections off and on still I think I have it almost licked by feeding him homemade (bred and butchered via my Auntie) raw beef and Dick Van Pattens Natural Balance duck and potato. He doesn't like the dry food but if you mix in some hot water and something smelly like 1/2 a teaspoon of bacon grease or fish oils then let it cool he doesn't know its the dry food.
I keep a bottle of Odamax (sp?) handy for those off times but I have heard wonders about this "blue powder ear treatment" though I have not tried it myself.
You can make it with the following ingredients:

16 Oz. Isopropyl Alcohol (60 percent)
4 Tablespoons Boric Acid Powder
16 Drops Gentian Violet Solution 1%

Mix together in alcohol bottle and shake well. You will also need to shake solution every time you use it to disperse the Boric Acid Powder.

Just get an eye dropper to administer and you're set. Liek I said, havent tried it but I hear its a miracle remedy Hope that helps!
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digging, food allergies, infected ear, itching, jrt allergies

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