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Newborn Pup
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Just a question ~

Well let me start with I am new to this forum, so a BIG hello to you all...

I just took in a 4 1/2 year old Cocker/Lab , he is my first dog so i have alot to learn still... im sure you will all be seeing alot of me on here asking questions and what not.

Ive had Beau for a week now, and he just loves it here and seems to be very happy, BUT hes constintly doing this thing with his mouth when i talk to him or when he comes right up to me face to face, he licks his lips over & over again really slow almost like hes nervous , not only that but when im laying with him and talking to him he has a hard time looking at me in my eyes, someone said its insecurity?? is there anything I can do to help him with that? i know its probebly a silly question, but like i said he is my first dog & i want him to be as happy as he can be ...

let me know what you all think please and thank you

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Aspires to Stupidity
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Would you be able to show a video of him licking? To me it just sounds like it's part of his personality, all dogs have different quirks and maybe this is your dogs, lol. As for the not looking at you in the eyes, yeah it probably makes him nervous. My mom's dog has always been that way, he hates to be stared at, makes him really nervous.
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My dog doesn't like looking me in the eyes either, she looks at me and then looks away. In my dog it has to do with her being very subordinate. It might be that.
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Salamander Burgermuffin
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Welcome to PT! And congrats on your new pup.

a video or something of the licking thing would be helpful, but it could just be something he does, or maybe hes hungry? or thirsty? tanner licks alot when im making dinner.. could be a nervous thing too, who knows. dogs are all very different. has he been to a vet yet since you've gotten him? If he does it alot and it worries you, then the next time you have him at the vet ask them to check his teeth.

For dogs looking in there eyes can be a sign of aggression.. if you ever see two dogs staring each other in the eye, get ready for the fireworks. So some would say that if your dog doesn't look you in the eye is a good thing, it prolly means he knows your the boss and hes happy with that. Most dogs ive had wouldn't look me in the eyes.. and its a shame Cuz tanner has the most beautiful brown eyes

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Newborn Pup
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Thanks guys,
Mabey i am being just a bit paranoid than ... to me it dosnt seem like he is hungrey or thirsty because his bowls are always full for him... and yes mabey it is just his personality.
I will try and post a video of him doing it for sure, just so i can show you axacly what he is doing... and as far as him not looking in my eyes, thats good to know that he thinks of me as him boss already!!
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