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My daughter is only a year and a half and seems to get much entertainment out of pulling the dogs ears, tail, or anything she can get her grubby little hands on. I feel sorry for the poor dog having to put up with this kinda torture. What can I do. She gets reminded at least 30 times a day not to pull the dogs ears and whatnot. This is no exageration.
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Hmmm....the only thing I can think of is train her like I've trained my puppies LOL Redirection! Turn her towards a toy...cartoons...something fun and praise her when she leaves the dog alone. Give the dog some time out space for himself. I know people that insist their dog "would never bite" but this could be an accident waiting to happen. A dog can only tolerate so much and baby doesn't know better yet. Try to keep them apart as much as you can until this fascination passes. Good luck
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That's cute Um well kids need to learn after a while she'll stop. Try teaching her the word nice. It's a nice and easy word. Pet the dog and say nice then take her hand, show her how to pet the dog, and say nice. When I was a baby I did that to my cat, and my first word was nice ( i said it when i pet my cat )
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Yeah, i'm with Brenda. Teach her via redirection. I have had dogs all my kids' lives. I never allowed them to do things like that to my dogs. They were trained just as the dogs were.

A dog with the patience of a saint can still only take so much before they feel they need to defend themselves.
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