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Angry A little frustrated. . .

I am officially frustrated with this pup for the first time. Of course I still love her to peices but such is life...

I went to the movies earlier. I had asked my dad to walk Charlie when he came in which I presume he did. However, I came in to find she had gone #2 in her crate! Now, I don't know why she would do that. I know if she had to go badly she would pee in there, but this is the second time she's gone #2 in there.

Afterwards I took her bed and fluffly playtoy down to the laudry room for a wash. Since she couldn't very well go in her crate I took her with me. While I was washing the things I took my eye off her for just a split second, I turned around and there were two small 'logs.'

She seems to know to go outside, I had had her out just 5 minutes before. I can't figure it out. . .<sigh> I suppose there's bound to be bumps in the road to housebreaking.

Any comments or sympathies are more than welcome,
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i sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo feel you dude! my dogs weren't completely trained until we moved to the house (about a month ago) and now i have a doggy door. one of mine just went in the apt (poo) everytime i left from anxiety. she'd have gone right before i left and all that. i started crating them when i left and they did great. now i have them in the laundry room with a doggy door. ok, enough about mine! some are harder than others.

buuuut, with charlie i just think she's so young, you're going to have to expect some accidents. a lot of people say, "the best way to train them is to never have an accident in the house." yah....right. she will get it though, i promise! this is all normal. just make sure you correct her when she does wrong. i would also take the poo and go outside with her and place it on the grass where it needs to be. then she'll see that and it will be there when you go back out.

keep us updated.

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Well, I can understand your frustration... honestly I can -

If she was crated the entire time you were at the movies - which I assume had to be at least 3 hours more or less? She was crated for too long.

At 12 weeks - if you know she has eaten well at her meal times and has urinated frequently through the day - meaning she is well hydrated - she may start going the night without an accident in the crate.

If she was taken out of the crate while you were gone and taken outside to potty - but didn't eliminate - and was re-crated ... when she had to go - she had to go - there was no option for her.

When she is crated, does she begin to whine or fuss? That's a cue to get her out right away.

You've also mentioned that she was previously paper-trained.
The laundry room is totally "not" her territory and she didn't associate it with "home" - so it's totally natural for her to pick up a scent and eliminate if she has to go.

I have an almost 8 month old Yorkie who is trained to go on "potty pads" - I can take that potty pad and place it anywhere and she will go on it. IF she is in a room that she isn't used to being in? I can't rely on her and have to watch her like a hawk - if I notice any sniffing, circling or focusing on the floor behavior, I scoop her up and take her to her potty-pad. The key for me, I have found - is consistancy - and reward by lavish praise.

The only thing you can do at this point is to start being acutely aware of her "cues" - sniffing, circling, etc...
when you see this behavior - get her outside ASAP.

It seems like a daunting process, but she is so young. Some breeds are slower at "getting it" - and some breeds can't be 100% reliable until about 8 months to 1 year old.

Not everyone can spend 24/7 with their puppies/dogs... if it is nescessary to leave her for extended periods of time you may want to consider a "safe-space" where she can be confined, her crate with the door opened within the space - and the floor lined with "potty pads" or on a floor that is easy for you to clean up the accidents.

One habit you want to nip in the bud is her getting used to using her crate to potty... that is unpleasant and distressing to her - not to mention a pain in the you-know-what to clean up.

Inconsistancies in how different members of your family react and interact with her can also send her mixed or confusing signals.

It's important to have everyone on the same page. I'm not trying to say you are doing anything wrong.... not at all...

Training a puppy takes a lot of time, thought, creativity, and most of all - patience. A monumental key is getting to really know your pup and her schedules, habits and cues.

Trial and error sometimes leads you to what works the best for your life-style.

Have patience... what she did was totally within the norm for her age....

Good Luck

Edited to add:
Correcting her "after the fact" will only confuse her and cause her to be fearful. The only time correction in the form of a loud stern "NO!" is when you catch her in the act - scoop her up and take her to the appropriate place. Sometimes just this startle alone will prevent her from "finishing" and you may have to wait - use some distractions and again - be patient. When she does eliminate - "praise! praise! praise!"

Bringing a soiled paper or potty-pad outside with you is a good way for her to associate her scent with the appropriate place to "potty".

Depending on where you live, leaving her feces on the grass may not be allowed and considered in violation of your areas "poop scoop" laws. If it's not a violation, it's worth a try -

Question: When you take her outside to potty - is the scent of other dogs eliminations around the area? That alone is often helpful. You mention your Springer... do you bring both dogs to the same place outside?

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As for the scents, yes they both go outside. The springer has moved to a different locale now but she'll pee wherever. Although there are plenty of spots where she's gone before.

It seems that Charlie (the cav) isn't having a problem getting the 'go outside' part of the training. That is, whenever I bring her out (most of the time) she goes...However, if she's inside and she has to go (for some reason she hasn't peed inside yet) she just circles then goes. But since I've seen her do it three times now I recognize the circles.

Anyway, that's all. Any more info is welcome.
Thanks, Brian
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