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looking for owners of certian breeds to get input about ownership

Hi guys... Its a long time off, but there are a few breeds I'm interested in possibly getting and I'd like input from owners of the breeds - as to what kind of person would make a good owner or a not so compatable owner for the breeds.

If you guys have a standard poodle, an afghan hound, a boxer or a catahoula leopard dog could you tell me about them in general?

What do you see in the breeds that would be things you'd want a potential owner to know?
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Boxer`s: If getting as a pup you will need to crate train (they are very destructive), they need plenty of socialization so that they will be develop a friendly nature with people, other dogs, and CHILDREN. They are basically good with children if brought up around them. Socializing is to help keep them from being so guard doggish, they should be tolerant and weary of strangers but friendly to questures honestly rendered. They are best as indoor house pet companions. Often Boxers that are put outdoors become problem dogs for lack of handling. They can suffer from seperation anxiety, they do tend to have a lot of gas, and they do need to be handled firmly. They have a very playful attitude one minute but can show great aggression if threatened the next. They have short hair so they are not as big of shedders as a long coated dog. They do not tolerate the extreme cold and hot temperatures. They can freeze and can have heat stroke due to their short noses. Health issues: they are prone to certain type of cancers, heart problems, hip displasia, demodectic mange (inherited from a parent dog), thyroid and the list goes on but those are the main ones. If you have any further specifics that I didn`t mention of please ask away and I`ll do what I can to answer.
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Also Axl, the Boxers life expectancy is between 8-14 years. There are also mega Boxer rescues out there looking for potential Boxer homes for those that were homeless for one reason or another. Those come fully vetted, altered, crate trained, and temperament assessed. Good Luck with your search!
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catahoula leopard dog: needs LOTS of training. Any herding type dog is VERY hard headed. Only get this breed if you have plenty of time to spend in training and obedience. If you do not, you will end up with a dog with behavioral problems or a dog that simply will not listen. They need to stay active as much as possible. This isn't a dog for and aparment type setting...needs lots of yard to run and play! If you can provide the proper activities , space and time, they make wondeful companions, are are pretty intelligent.

standard poodle: Great dogs! Very intellegent, easy trainability usually. That intelligents can create problems sometimes though...the smarter the dog, the more hard headed! Very loyal comanions. Needs lots of grooming however!

an afghan hound: This is probably the one I would not chose out of all of them...keep in mind, its only my opinion, along with the fact that my aunt has one of these. They tend to be aggressive if not socialized as puppies...all dogs can, but some more so than others, and this is one of them. Not a good dog to have around children. Requires lots of grooming....more so than the poodle in my opinion b/c the fur is so fine, it tangles and matts very easily. Otherwise, this is a very "regal" looking dog, very graceful as adults. Needs plenty of space to run....also not a good dog for an aparment setting....needs a big yard.

boxer: Great dogs! Never owned one, but have a lot of clients who have them (I work in a vet office)...and this seems to be one of the more popular breeds. No grooming needed...well, very little...they slobber a lot! Very high energy dog! Pretty smart, and fairly easy to train so I've been told.
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I have a Vizsla and wonder how far off a Catahoula is from them in energy and temperment...

Boxers are awesome but I worry about genetic defects.

Poodles - I love the larger ones but know no owners.

I love the Saluki but I think they are a bit toowispy for me, which is why I thought of Afghans. However, the ONLY one I ever met was a very odd dog that came through the shelter. She was adopted and returned three times due to lack of personality...
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Poo dont scare me!!!
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Boxers are completley wonderful pets. They are very loyal companions. I have two. They are very smart, yet stubborn. You just have to make sure they know you are the alpha, and not them. As long as they know that, there shouldnt be any problem. Socialization, like Bar B said, is very important. They need to be socialized like crazy when young. They are very lovable. Major cuddlebugs. If you ever got one, you would fall completley in love with the face, they have such expressions sometimes! You cant stay mad at them no matter what they do, because they will pout, which makes you laugh, and give in!! They are a wonderful breed to have, they fill each of my days with total joy. If you bought a puppy, and you went to a reputable breeder, who health tests their dogs, you should recieve a very healthy puppy, with a guarantee, some for several years. If you rescue, you wont have that option, but many Boxers dont have health problems if bred correctly.

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crate trained, reputable breeder, wonderful pets

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