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My dog has a luxating patella in both back legs and I cant make him lose weight.

I have an 8 year old norfolk terrier, he's a bit overweight,actually he's about 5 lbs overweight which is alot for a 23lb dog. His legs are so short. We have gone for walks everyday since I adopted him as a puppy and I just assumed his lifting one leg and hopping was a quirk, or something because he switched which leg he lifted all the time, he definately didn't appear to be in any pain, and most of the time he still isnt. About a year ago middle of winter he got up to go out and was limping, took him to the vet and both his knees go in and out of joint really easily. I'm trying to save up, but its not going well. It costs 800 dollars per leg plus exrays and blood tests to see if he can take the anesthetic. The vet said alot of these cases there doesnt seem to be alot of pain involved and most of the time hes fine. But since hes gotten older and fatter im starting to notice it more an more all the time. I make sure he exercises every single day, I feed him a good quality lite dogfood, and I give him raw veg for snacks per the vets instructions, hes not losing an ounce and hes kinda grumpy. The vet said the problem would lessen if he lost weight and right now its my only option, anyone have any ideas about this?

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I had an overweight dog who just wouldn't lose weight, no matter what I did. I kept cutting down her food, but nothing seemed to make a difference. I finally caught her out in the dog run eating the other dogs' poop. The less I'd feed her, the more she'd graze. Is it possible your dog is getting calories from somewhere else?
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Have you tried a premium brand dog food for overweight dogs? I had to do that with our lab a few years ago, and it worked well.
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Thanks for your advice chrisanne, appreciate anything. What brand what that you used? I have been giving him the nutro for overweight dogs older than 8 years old. My daughter just told me that science diet is one of the only brands that has a good light dog food, she said if its spelled "lite" instead of "light" it doesnt mean its lower in fat at all. She works at petcetera, maybe I will switch to that for a while.
Thank you too KFielder that might be worth looking into.
Also maybe I'll keep a closer eye on whisket while hes in the backyard playing. Im with him on walks and do pick it up from the yard regularly but still I have two dogs so there is sometimes like 6 or so messes to pick up so I suppose its possible but I hope not seeing that I let my dog kiss me, on the face. (my mother would have had a fit lol)
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Chrisanne I also wanted to tell you how much Im starting to adore chinchilla's. It never even occurred to me that they might be good pets, actually I wasn't sure what one looked like until I joined this site. The only place I have heard them mentioned is in relation to coats. Not for me of course, if people would stop buying them the animal killing will end up not making them any money and thats all anyone cares about so they would probably be safer.Yours is the second chin website I have looked at and I think im falling in love. Are they affectionate/smart? can they be litterbox trained?
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box trained, dog food

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