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Smile My new adopted dog and opinions needed for marking

Hi everyone,
I have a zoo here 24-7. My dog was used to being around another small dog when my x was over constantly with his dog. Since we broke up my dog has been depressed. I decided to find him a friend. I wanted a chow so bad, understand the breed etc. When looking everywhere. Found a few but most weren't ok with cats, the others were adopted. I did find a puppy which I considered and made an appointment to go meet but I really didn't want a puppy if I could help it. The NJ coalition had Chow , akita mixed puppies also so I decided to go take a look since my plans for that day got canceled. They weren't chow at all but were very cute. I brought my dog to get his reactions and he had no interest in the puppies. So I said no. I don't need a puppy as cute as they are anyway. So I looked around and didn't see anyone who picked me until I went in the next room. I looked around then I saw this little head pop up out of a blanket and look at me. I melted and walked over asking questions about the dog and as I got closer he got excited to see me, unlike most of the others. I was told he is shy, scared of everyone, was abused and neglected etc. I didn't care about that and figured all the more reason he needs out of there. I took him out to meet my dog and my my dog was extrememly interested. Although the new one was interested he was scared and a bit overwhelmed so I didn't push it. He got neutered that afternoon, they called my vet on the spot and I was able to take him home that night. This dog knew to pick me, he already knows he is home. He has done a big turn around. Does nothing but licks me, has been quite interested in the cat but listens when I say no and only wants to play. He doesn't chase though so they are fine together. He is ok with my dog but still a bit nervous so my dog isn't allowed to get too close yet. They go nose to nose and walk around by eachother but not allowed to play and are kept separate at night and when I am not home. I think they will be best friends in a week.
My dog is an Eskie and the new dog is a little black pomeranian weighing about 7 lbs. The trouble I have now is that the pom decides he wants to mark everything and was not used to going outside. he was kept in a closet space inside and was covered in matts and feces. He is definitely not scared and LOVES to go out. We went out for an hour walk today at the park. I have been rewarding him for peeing outside and firmly say no when he tries inside but is there anything else I can do? He is pretty submissive and when I say no he stops, I can put him on his back easily. Both dogs are submissive. I have been cleaning the spots he marks as well. He only got neutered 2 nights ago. How long does it usually take to help? Is there anything else I can do?
Also he has a sore butt from it being impacted with fur and feces. He still walks a litle sideways and is sore and whines a lot. I think he may need to go back to the vet for an anal exam. I shaved him downyesterday and washed him myself. It had to be done, He was covered in matts and smelled horrific but is petrified of other people so the groomer wasn't an option yet and I couldn't make him wait longer. He has a cute little shirt on now which he seems to love and keeps him warm.
Any advice with the marking would be appreciated.
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There is some stuff by Nature's miracle called 'no more marking'. It has cinnamon oil in it and it worked for me dogs piddle spots. They sell it at most major pet stores.

I didn't see the "no more marking" stuff on that website, but it was at my local store. The regular stuff works too, it just doesn't deter them. It cleans the smell though.

My dogs took about a month to stop marking after they got neutered. Just correct him every time he does it. If it gets to be that you've had him for longer than a month and he's used to you, you could use a spray bottle with water to give a squirt on his nose when he marks. You need to gain his trust first though. If you spray him now, he could become scared of you.


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Thanks I will look for that. I thought I saw something like that in the store. I did think of the water bottle idea but like you said don't want him losing trust with me already.
He got really bad last night with the whining and started yelping at his butt. I was going to take him to my vet today but it seemed like it just couldn't wait so we took him to emergency last night. I was right in thinking it was his anal glands. You would think the place I adopted him from would have checked them if his but was impacted with feces and fur where he couldn't go. Anyway they were so full they were abscessing and infected. My poor boy was in a lot of pain =(
He is not on antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and painkillers.
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