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My Puppy has arthritis

Well Rufus isn't exactly a puppy anymore, but as all of us pet parents know, they will always be our babies. He is going on 13 yrs. He still pounces like a puppy and still tries to curl up in my lap! He is a 60 lb. Doberman Black Lab cross. So he is pretty big!
Anyway, I was wondering what, if anything, natural I could give him for the pain. He stays in at night and stays outside with Allison, our catahoula, for several hours during the day. I had thought about making him a Doggy Cot so it would be easier for him, rather than getting up off of the ground. It rarely gets too cold here in Texas but the moist cold gives you painful joints, so I could only imagine his pain.
I was also wondering what anyone thought of the pet insurance that PetsMart offered. Is it worth the money? Does it pay in the long run, or am I better off paying for it out of my own pocket?
I am asking this because we also found out that Rufus has cataracts and he also has a non-malignant tumor growing on his chest that will eventually need to be removed, it's growing and the vet said it would someday interfere with his breathing. Allison, who is about 5, she was adopted, has a hard nodule on her tail. They want to take fluid but she flips out. Any feed back would be great. Thanx!
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I have no idea about insurance, but when my childhood mini schnauzers had arthritis, we gave them Rimadyl, which worked really well. Its Rx, but I don't think it was that expensive.

We also got a special bed for them. You soak the inside with water, and then the outside is plastic, so it keeps the water in. But it was kind of cool, and molded to their bodies, so it seemed to keep them more comfy. I think we got it at Petsmart, but I can't be sure. It was years ago.
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Petsmarts Vet overcharges big time for their services. I don't know how good the insurance is though. I doubt its worth the money though.

I don't know much about arthritis, my dogs are still young. My stepmom gives her senior dog a childs asperin I think, once a day.
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Have you considered asking your vet if there is something RX or OTC you can give him? A quick phone call to the vet or even their assistant could tell you what you should be giving him for pain.
With most vets, phone calls are free and that would really be the safest way to ease his pain as we are not familiar with all the medical conditions he could have or has had or any medications he could be on... the vet is really the best way to go.

A cot would probably be very helpful to him, My guys like sleeping on the bare ground for now (we have bought/made several beds, but they never use them), but when they get older I'm sure they will be transitioned to a cot/bed of some sort... Have you considered using a baby mattress as a bed.

Hope he is feeling better soon !
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did you check if the insurance is offered to older dogs? i know when we checked into one they only offered it to younger dogs like under 5yrs or something like that. but i don't know if that is true for all ins. our beagle has arthritis and we give him glucosamine(sp?) you can sometimes buy it at the dollar store by the vitamins. this really seems to help him. good luck to you
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