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my roommate want a dog

My roommate is really been talking about getting a dog. Which doesnt bother me at all. I love dogs, the main reason why i got a cat was because i was getting lonely at college and my house was too small for a dog.

So I have some concerns naturally about her getting a dog. She goes to school full time and works full time! She wants a little dog and we dont have a back yard. I am a big dog person and our 750 sq foot house well wouldnt work for any big dog. she plans on putting him/her in our basement while shes at work and im at school and when shes at school. she doesnt exspect me to take care of it but. I know i wont have the heart to listen to a dog in our basement cry. forces my cat and can tollerate my cat crying in my bedroom when she gets home.

she also has not discussed with with my mom whos our landlord. i knew a cat would be ok i dunno about a dog though humf. what are are some good breeds
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She goes to school full time and works full time? How about another cat? I just don't think it is fair to bring home a dog right now unless you are going to help her. If you're with the dog more than her, you may fall in love with it and it with you. Yet, it won't really be your dog. Kind of a tricky situation.
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yeah thats the thing. she wants a campanioon to run with. i think shes thinking since my mom let me have a cat here that there might be a dog... but the only people who had a dog in theis house was my cousin, and i think she got a way with it because she was about ready to move. mean its ok for a cat to be cooped up in a room for alittle bit because they sleep, but if a dog is i dont know. and i know a dog they hear you they whine so i will let it out... i just dont want to be responcible for it because the reason CTchin said, i dont want it to be more in love with me then her owner. *sigh* ARG... oh well
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That's what my brother did. He wanted a dog for companionship and when he didn't have time for it I had to care for it. He would either leave it in his room, in a cage in the porch, or in back tied up. We use to hear him cry all the time because he wanted attention and also because my brother didn't feed him when he was supposed to. I would have to feed him and walk him. He wasn't allowed to run around inside the house because he bit my cat. He didn't bit him hard but either way, it was a puppy and too hyper for my cat so they would always fight. Eventually, we moved and he stayed behind and he gave away the dog. I'm glad he did that too.
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I think she decided against it. But she has been toying with the idea. I know I can bring over my dog and she can run with my dog if thats all she wants. Lady has a ton of engergy for being ten, i hear it the American Eskamo in her. We'll see I guess.
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