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Nasal Congestion

Hi everyone, I was hoping someone would have any suggestions for my puppy. He sometimes wakes up having trouble breathing, like he is having a hard time catching his breath. I asked the vet and he said he could have a cold or allergies. If it got worse to bring him in.

He sounds congested and sneezes and coughs once and awhile. The vet said to give him tylenol for a sore throat, but that doesn't help with his congestion. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do for him?
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The vet said to give him Tylenol???!!! That is a bit strange. Tylenol is rarely given to dogs if ever. It can be highly toxic if dosed incorrectly. I wouldn't give my dogs tylenol for any reason.

He could have allergies, or maybe even a cold. It could also be kennel cough. I'd get him to the vet as soon as I could.
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Oh no I didn't know that. He said to give him childrens tylenol. I did give him a little. I'll make sure not to do that again. I would hate for something to happen!

He has had his shots for kennel cough, can he still get that? He has started sneezing more and coughing. It just started as nasal congestion. If it is a cold do I just let it run its course?

I will be calling the vet on Monday. If it is kennel cough, the only place he's been with other dogs is his puppy class. I was planning on doing basic obedience in class but if he did get kennel cough there, we wont be going back.
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kennel cough

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