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Naughty or puppy behaviour

How do you distinguish the difference with dogs just being puppies or unruly behaviour?
Everyone who ever meets our dogs say they are very naughty. I keep saying it is coz they are small but is this right?
They are very good with some things.
But the main problem is they get over-excited. Also when we walk them they pull hard and when another dog or a bike or a jogger goes by they bark and strain on their lead.
Also Indy pees on the bed still.
The other day we were playing with him on the bed and fussing him and he just lifted his leg and peed.
Also they play fight all over the house like loonies and no matter how many times you tell them NO they dont listen.
Any tips coz Maria cant handle them when she takes them out. Myfanwy is getting very big now
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a lot of the behavior sounds like puppy behavior though the things like pulling on the lead when walking is something they have to be trained to not do. My dog does that and she is 1 year old but she is about to start puppy school and they are supposed to teach them to walk beside you and not pull on the leash.

I suggest maybe taking them to an obedience class if you can.
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I would say you have a naughty dogs with some behavioural problems (but then again what dog doesnt have ), what breed of dogs do you own?

Have you taken your dogs to puppy training classes? just curious. Most people who buy dogs / puppies now don't teach their dogs how to walk properly on leads and if it is not done properly then it can cause problems like excessive pulling either when they see something or not.

As for peeing on the bed, well a dog should know their place in the house and should not be allowed on the bed, especially when they urinate when they get excited. The easiest thing to do is to not make so much fuss, fuss can be made but not to the extent of the dog wanting to urinate.

I would recommend searching for a canine behaviourist or a local dog trainer for advice and possibly join an obedience class. There are plenty of excellent books on canine behaviour and how to work on problems, but some methods might not work with certain dogs, that's why it would be better for you to see and talk to someone who has knowledge and experience.

Hope this helps

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