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Need opinion about neuter

My dog is about 7 years old and has not been neutered yet. The vet suggested us to have him neutered. Do you think it's a good idea to have it neutered at that age? My friend's dog just had neutered not long after he had puppies. The mom is a show dog, so she cannot be spayed. Anyway, after he had neutered, he became very passive. I just don't want my dog to be unhappy or something. Please give your suggestion what I should do. Thank you.
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I know that neutering can change the dog's behavior, but I have heard it is for the best most of the time. For example, a male dog can become less aggressive after being neutered. I say you should have him neutered if you don't plan on breeding him. Would the vet really suggest to have it done if it was not a good idea? I guess it depends on if you trust their opinion. Hopefully someone else on the board has been in your same situation so they can give you a more complete answer.
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Neutering is the best option your vet could have offered, it will help in the long run where your dog's health is concerned. Neutering a dog at 7 years old is quite up there in age, however it is still for the best..... Don't worry about your dog becoming passive, some dog's change in behavior after being altered and some don't.
Here are a few links for you can read......

Five Good Reasons to Spay or Neuter
Spay/Neuter General Information (VOSPCA)
Six Common Excuses for Not Neutering (Alpo)
Good for All You, Your Pet, and the Community (HSUS)

I hope some of those will help you in your decision.......
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Having him neutered is definately not a bad thing. The only thing I would be concerned about is his age, and the risk with the anethesia. The older a dog is, the higher the odds of them not waking up. HOWEVER, they have a test that they can do prior to surgery that will give you a better idea of your dogs health.

Good luck!
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I would get him neutered. There still is a chance to save him from prostate cancer which a lot of older unneutered dogs seem to get. Ask for preanesthetic blood testing before he is put under anesthesia as an extra precaution.
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I agree with everyone else...neutering if not breeding is the best option for him...some dogs become more passive because they aren't full of raging hormones anymore. He won't be depressed, just a bit calmer if anything at all.
I would suggest you have the preanesthetic blood test done and go from there.
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Heck, my pup is a little over 4 months old and I am looking forward to him getting a little older and more passive. It would be nice to see my little fat dog calm down a bit and stop teething. Some friends of mine have noticed a marked difference in behavior after neutering their pup around 6 months old (apparently being at least 6 months helps them stand the anesthesia). I guess, I will just have to see what a happens with mine. Now...if only I could find a way to curb my wifes occasional hormonal rage....

Just kidding....don't throw tomatoes...
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Thanks for all your suggestions. I will have him neutered this month. I wasn't sure exactly what i needed to do. *sigh*'s another extra $$ coming out of my pocket
Hopefully he won't need any dental cleaning or extraction when I take him for his regular check up this month. Otherwise, I probably have to eat instant noodle for a month...
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