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Need some tips.

Hey all!

I have a little problem with Odie. He may have such a sweet face, but he's a little grouch. The problem is that one of my nieces, the younger one, used to tease him as a puppy... well, Odie doesn't has much patience with her and shows her his teeth when she goes to pet him, specially if she approaches him when he has some toy or chew... I've tried to train my niece to leave him alone... but you know kids... she wants to pet him even if he's showing her the fierce face. We have tried treats.. my niece petting him while giving him treats and telling him how good he is... and the little *** behaves very very well just when she has food on her hand... when he shows her his teeth, I tell him "no" and he tries very hard to keep a straight face (you can see his lip trembling)... and tell him what of a good boy he is when he lets her pet him. He has no problem with any other person in this household... not even with my other niece, who's just 1 year older.
Now... soon I'll be home, and while at college, he'll be here and my nieces probably will too, since my mom picks them up from school till my sis is out of work...they'll probably want to come play with him and there's no way I can keep him locked, since I have no door in my room... I don't want him biting her while I'm away. I already told her that if he shows her his teeth, to leave him alone... but knowing her as much as I do, I know that she'll be here trying to pet him... She's 12 years old and one would think that she would know better by now... but since she doesn't, does any of you know what I can do with the dog to prevent accidents?
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That is a tough one coz if he bites her she is the one gonna be moaning and crying.
Maybe a muzzle?
i guess there isnt much you can do if he realy doesnt like her and she wont leave him alone.
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I would also suggest a muzzle when the child is around. How much training does he have???
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He has no training... just what I have been able to teach him as an inexperienced person with dogs. He's my first dog, he will be 2 years old later this month and has been all his life with me, as I took him as a week old puppy from the pound and bottle-fed him. He knows sit and "in" pretty well... in better than sit. I tried to socialize him as much as possible with humans, but he still is pretty nasty to people he doesn't know (barking, growling, showing teeth, raising back hair and chasing... he does calms down if the person stands up to him... but if the person gets afraid of him he gets pretty nasty... he even used to chase a friend of a neighbor of mine out of the shared backyard we had when he was just like 6-7 months old). The first time he growled was to my best friend at 4 week old, and then to the vet when he got his first set of shots at 6 weeks old (the vet he had been seeing as a little baby, since was the same one that gave him to me and coached me on how to care for him). With strangers, letting him smell them first and then a treat does the trick... after that he just looks for a toy and invites people to play with him... but it just doesn't works with my niece.
I don't know about having him muzzled the whole day? From what I heard today in the orientation, I will be having class from 8-noon and then from 1-4... and possibly some out-of-hours stuff when I have to go to the farms and clinics to do practice... so I would have to muzzle him when I go out, unless I'm coming home at noon... and he'll be alone from morning till my nieces arrive at 2-3pm... I think it's too long time to have him muzzled and alone in my room (he's confined to the room by a baby gate).
I know I should have taken him to obedience class, just that since I got him till July 5 of this year I've been living 2 hours away from home during the week (I took him with me...), and I have no car... so it was imposible for me to take him to classes... I was thinking of taking him (and Charly and Vale) to classes now that I'll be home... but when I start college again in august, budget will be a bit tight cause I'll recieve no grant (since I'm a graduate student)... so I don't know if I'll have any money left after paying for my classes...
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