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new puppy

Hi....I currently have 2 cats and recently adopted a wonderful one cat won't have anything to do with the puppy and hides upstairs. If she comes anywhere near the dog...look out...hissing and spitting non-stop! Anyone have any suggestions on how to bring these two together? Also....I bought a kong for my puppy....what kind of foods can I put in it for her?
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You can probably shove some peanut butter in there along with carrots, salt free pretzels, and other crunchy foods...pretty much anything that she can eventually get out on her own...OH...and with peanut careful..since its a bit high in fat hehe...
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Introducing cats to dogs is tough -- especially when you have an over-eager puppy who is unfamiliar with the feline kind.

The next few months are going to be understandably stressful for your cats. Your best bet is to only allow them to see each other under controlled situations at first. You don't want your puppy bounding after your cats every time he or she sees them in an attempt to play. This will only cause your cats to have to 'hide out' at all times and it would be really unfair and stressful to them since they were there first.

I recommend having at least one room that is completely off limits to the puppy and can serve as a safe haven for the cats -- keep comforting things in there like scratch posts, bedding, and their food/water/litter area. Keep this area quiet and make it available to the cats at all times. It might help if you had a child gate handy so the cats can come and go as they please and this will also allow controlled contact with the puppy so he or she can 'see and not touch.'

Good luck. They should come around eventually but it may take awhile.
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Thank you so much for all your help!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my kitties and puppy become friends....eventually! As far as the kong goes....I've only used peanut butter because that's all I've heard of to use. Thanks again!
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I also use vegemite as a bit of a change for my dogs - they love it.
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