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Not again :(

Some of you may remember a little while back, I posted about Gidget having a weird episode of losing her balance (and drooling, etc) after getting ahold of a little bit of onion powder cooked in some food. Well, just now she threw up and immediately started acting funny. She's okay when she's moving quickly but when she's standing still, she's really wobbly and her head is kind of swaying. Other than that, she's acting a bit subdued but more or less normal. I gave her some corn syrup in case it was hypoglycemia (although I doubt it, she's kinda big for that now). It seems to be getting slightly worse but nowhere near how bad it was last time. I'm SO angry though. My grandparents are visiting from Ontario and we specifically told them not to feed Gidget scraps because certain things can really harm her. Turns out one of them gave her some pieces of a sour cream and onion cracker today. And now they're acting like "oh well, she'll be fine!" and giggling at her like she's putting on some show for them tripping over herself. I'm so upset We told them about her last episode with the onion so even without the talk about not giving her scraps, they should have known. Last time, we took her to the vet immediately but they weren't able to do much (and $400 later with a prescription for heartburn medication and not much else) and she ended up getting better on her own. Right now I'm just watching her to see if she gets better or worse. If she gets any worse, she's going to the vet straight away. None of us have any money right now, with it being Christmas, but I guess we'll have to figure something out.

I just can't believe this is happening again
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how is Gidget doing? I hope she is doing better. I hate when family members don't listen to you about your own pets. Like you don't know whats best for them or somehting. I hope she pulls through

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aww im sorry your baby is sick again! i hope shes feeling better now. I hate when people laugh at a sick pet.. its so stupid. Your grandparents should know better! what a bad example there setting!

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Soon after I posted this, Gidget started getting better. She's still not 100% but she's regained her balance, which is good. She just seems sort of lethargic and sleepy (i.e. not barking when people come to the door, not mooching when people are eating) but she's been perking up slowly but surely. My grandparents still don't acknowledge that anything was even wrong with her in the first place ("oh, she must just be tired from all the playing she's been doing!"), which is frustrating. I just wish they'd realize that they can't feed her scraps for a REASON. Even a little tiny bit of something poisonous can be a disaster for a little 5 lb dog. Thankfully she seems to be doing much better. She's sleeping with me tonight so I can keep an eye on her in case anything happens. She looks exactly like she did when she came home from the vet after her last episode and it took her probably 48 hours after that to get totally back to normal. Poor little thing, it's not her fault. I feel bad that I resent my grandparents for this because they're just trying to spoil her but they really shouldn't have gone against our wishes. Bah. We'll see how it turns out...looks encouraging, at least!
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Poor Gidget! I hope she continues to improve!
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She's doing great She appears to be back to normal. Just in case, we're gonna take her for a checkup once the vet has normal office hours again. It just seems so unhealthy to have that happen twice; makes me think she could have some residual effects. I dunno far so good, anyway!
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