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Optimal Growth Chart for Rottweilers?

Samson is now 10 weeks old and weighing it at about 15lbs.

His parents were not huge rotties... Mom was about 80lbs and dad was about 90lbs...

I keep trying to decide if Samson is growing perfectly normally, or a lil slow, or a lil on the fast side etc..

Does anyone know if there is a 'growth chart' out there somewhere? or know, for example, the average weight to expect at 3 months, 4 months, 5 months etc?
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Ok I googled it and this is what I found:

There is an approach to figuring average weight at various ages that works reasonably well, if you know the approximate adult weight your puppy should be. This is usually close to the father's ideal weight (not necessarily what the father actually weighs!) for a male puppy and close to the mother's ideal weight for a female puppy. Of course, just like people, some male dogs are smaller than their parents and some female dogs bigger. Once you have some idea of what the adult weight should be, you can use the following formula (from Small Animal Clinical Nutrition III by Lewis, Morris and Hand):

puppies should gain 1 to 2 grams per day per pound of anticipated adult weight for the first 5 months of life

So a Rottweiler which will weigh 85 lbs. as an adult should gain between 85 and 170 grams per day (about 1/5 to 1/3 of a pound per day). So at 15 weeks, this puppy would weigh 20 lbs to 27 lbs.
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I agree with what Nicole posted...he should weigh a little more than he does now...Orion (although not a Rottie) weighed 10.5 pounds at 6 weeks old, but he was the chunk of the litter and the runts were about 6.5 pounds at 6 weeks. If your rottie pup was the runt of the litter or one of the smaller pups, he should be about what he is now. Averages that Nicole posted would be for the average puppies and not take into consideration the "chunks" or the "runts" With the same parents, the runts from our litter stayed smaller and the "chunks" ended up much bigger. If he was one of the runts, he may end up being on the smaller end of the scale, but if the vet says he's healthy, that's all that should matter
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Heh I just weighed him again and my 15lbs went out the window a few days ago I guess!

He came in at 20 pounds even and is currently 69 days old.

Ok so checking my outdated math skills here...

Estimated 90lbs
90 X 1.5 grams = 135 grams per day
135 grams X 69 days = 9,315 grams
9,315 grams = 20.54 pounds

Seems like we're right on track for being almost exactly average lol

As far as the litter... We had first pick of a litter of 12 pups. What shocked me most was that there did not seem to be a single runt or chunk! Every single puppy in the litter looked exactly the same size it was almost weird lol. My hubby and I spent an extra hour there just trying to figure out which one was the runt and never succeeded. Their mommy seemed to handle all 12 of them just fine and imho all 12 were chunks lol

This was him four days ago btw lol

I googled and googled and googled and found nothing. Glad you had the correct search terms in mind! THANK YOU!

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What a doll!!!! Our Dakota weighed about 27 pounds when he was 12 weeks old, although his parents are HUGE!!!! Dad weighed about 135 mom was 115 grandpa at no joke was 160 (BIG STOCKY OLD ROTTIE).... Dakota just turned one year and is now 118 and still growing...... Gidget on the other hand, was a runt and the poor girl shows it.... She is almost a year and weighs about 60-65 and is very short yet stocky with a little bitty head, will have to post updated pics soon
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He looks PERFECT! Sounds like he is right on with the weight too! OMG I just can't get over how handsome he is! Yeah, it was crazy with Kali's litter but I think that Orion was one of the first pups conceived and the smallest ones were the last ones conceived...She was quite the little slut for about 2 weeks when she got pregnant and was exactly 63 days pregnant from the first time they locked up to the day the litter was born
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