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Question Padfoot piddles

My dog Padfoot is just over 2 years old. She's potty trained, but lately she's been having this issue of piddling on the floor. She only does this when my husband is home. Here's the deal...

I am at home most of the time, and she goes out regularly. She never goes in her crate, ever. That stopped when she was younger. However. She sometimes wants to go out every 30 mins, hour or two. She does usually go when she goes out, but sometimes not very much. I've been trying to get her to "hold it" and "wait" because I know she can. She's been her crate for up to 6 hours and she holds it, so I know she can. She does really well for me when I say "hold it" or "wait", we never have a problem.

When my husband comes home from work, she and our other dog, Attitude, get very wound up. Hubby will change and take the dogs out for a few minutes, then we eat dinner. While we're eating, Pads will start whining, and if one of us doesn't get up and take her out right away, she'll piddle on the floor.

I suspect there's some sort of jealousy or competition thing going on - or attention. Not really sure. I have tried everything i can think of to get her to stop doing this, but it continues. Hubby's getting very frustrated, as am I. We don't scold her unless we actually catch her in the act - but 99.9% of the time, she'll sneak off where you can't see her from where you're eating and do it.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get rid of this behaviour with her? I have quite extensive experience with dogs, and I'm really baffled as to why I can't seem to get her to stop this. She's fine when it's just me here.
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maybe its anxiety or a medical issue? if she's trained then she knows that going in the house is bad. that may be why she sneaks off to piddle, she doesnt want to get caught doing a bad thing. she could have a bladder issue and not be able to help it. i dunno, but if it was my dog i'd take a vet trip to be sure

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I hope you are not talking about me

I agree with Mulder, I would take her to the vet to rule out any medical problem, like UTI, diabetes or incontinence. If she's all good and healthy, then maybe crating her while you are eating?

I hope you can solve this soon. Good Luck!
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The medical option has definitely occurred to me. I guess it just would be odd for it to be something like bladder or uti if she's only doing it when he's home. Definitely thinking about it though, thanks for the advice!

I have tried the crating thing - she carries on ridiculously - we just go ahead and eat - but wow it's difficult.
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Just wanted to add a few more things....

I don't think it's submissive urination - this is full on peeing, not marking or dribbles.
I suppose it could be a dominance issue between her and my husband - he interacts very differently than I do. As much as I try to work with him on the whole dominance vs. submission techniques, he sometimes just doesn't get the techniques. That's why I brought up competition - that would be competition for Mom or Mom's attention...just a thought. I know they don't feel spite or jealousy as we do - but it has occurred to me that it could be her trying to express her dominance over him. This might be why she only does it when he's home. There is also may or may not factor in...he worked from home for about 6 weeks while I recuperated from surgery - we were both here. Now, he's gone back to work in the office and it's really only been since he's gone back that this started. Maybe it's a "hey Dad, pay attention to me" thing?
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if it was jealousy i would think she would do it where you would see her. not sneakily

Our cat anyway when jealous will meow loud then go break something. brat.


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Originally Posted by Kendalle View Post
when jealous will meow loud then go break something. brat.

HAHAHA omg that sounds just like my cat Fawkes. He's really bad.
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My friends cat poops outside the litter box whenever he husband goes away on business. It's usually in the family room on the spot where he puts his suitcase before he leaves but the last time it was on the floor on his side of the bed.
They had him checked by the vet and the vet told them it was behavioral.
I still think you should have her checked out at the vets and maybe the vet can suggest something if it's just behavioral. In the mean time maybe your hubby can give her some special attention when he gets home?
Good luck.

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