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Puppy help!

My 5 month old Jack Russel spaniel cross is having a hard time training... we got him at 10 weeks, and they were already starting to train him outside... We tried reverting him to paper training with no success, he got it for 2 days, and then no matter what we did he would not go on the paper... We tried pee pads, nothing...

I am trying now to keep going with the outside thing as we have another dog we take out anyways. I started crating him, and he can hold his pee for 8 hours, but as soon as we go to take him outside, he has an accident...

My carpets are trashed, I'm tired of poo and sometimes stepping in it. I don't want to have company over as it's getting embarrasing..

I just want him to learn to go outside... today I crated him other than most of the day, took him out hourly, limited is food and water intake... he only went outside for 1 poo and 1 pee. He had a poo in the house once, peed when our company was leaving in the house and then after his before bed trip outside he peedentrance to our building. I know he doesn't mean it, but I can't take much more.

Any tips?
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How does he have an accident outside? Don't you want him to go outside? You probably shouldn't limit his water. It's important for water to always be available. When he does the right behavior, in this case eliminating outside, you should give him a treat or lots of praise. I don't think he's getting the idea. In order to get the idea across, you should give lots of praise when he does his thing outside, and I do mean a lot. Use a high pitched, cheerful voice. Dogs really respond to voice pitch.

I think 8 hours is a little too long to be crating him at 5 months. I would stick with 6 hours or less. When he has an accident inside try putting his food dish next to where it happened. Dogs don't like to eliminate around their eating area.

What are you using to clean the accidents? I use Nature's Miracle and it seems to work well. I'm sure others have some good ideas on cleaners too. http://www.petedge.com/Nature-s-Mira...vers-NM110.pro

Just remember patience. He will get it. If he is peeing a lot, it may be the start of his marking behavior. My vet told me to get my dog neutered at 6 months old. I've heard of others getting it done sooner, but if he isn't neutered you should talk to your vet about getting him neutered. The marking will begin to stop over time after he's neutered.


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