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puppy meets kitty, or vice versa?


If someone would kindly help me with some questions I'd really appreciate it

My sister's shih-tzu/silk terrier have just gave birth to 5 puppies on April 25th, and I will be adopting one of the females from her on the July 4th weekend to give the puppy enough time with her mother (it would be about 9 weeks when she leaves her mom and littermates). I've always wanted to have a cat and a dog in the house, and I want to do everything right to make the puppy and the kitten good friends. I was wondering if anyone has experiences with this? If so, please let me know:

1. which to get first?

2. at what age? The kitten I am going to adopt from a shelter will be between 8-12 weeks old, would this be a good age?

3. what are the proper steps to introduce them? I've read some articles on the Internet that I should introduce them outside the house?

4. any good book on this topic? I've browsed Amazon.com but I am yet to find a good book on this..

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Either could come first, but I would probably go with the puppy since cats are generally more territorial. I would get them both young though.

I would intro them in the house, but in a neutral zone. They may take right to one another, then again they may not. Hopefully they will though. Eventually they will at least tolerate one another.

I don't know of any books off hand. Just be patient, and don't force the issue.
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I've had wonderful luck with introducing puppies to cats and kittens to dogs...I agree, either can work out fine...be patient and don't force anyone into anything and soon enough they'll be snuggling infront of the fireplace together
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Great! I'll go with the puppy first and then the kitten afterwards. I think what I'll do is keep the kitten in the crate and let the puppy come sniff it to start. Keep them in separate rooms first at nights, and let them get used to each other when I am home to avoid accidents (though both would be small, the puppy's parents are both below 20" even at adult size). Hopefully soon they'll be nice to each other and be able to have fun together. Thanks for the advice!
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