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puppy wont eat

hello all, i am new here. i have a 3 month old yorkie who ive had for a month now. i made the very big mistake of feeding him home cooked food because he wouldnt eat puppy food & now im stuck trying to get him back on dog food since the vet says i would have to make sure the meals are balanced if i want to continue homecooking.

I have tried numerous times to get him back on his canned food, mixing the homecooked in with the canned, diff types of canned, warm it up, cool it off, hand feeding EVERYTHING but he would not budge.

i figured i have to feed him something but these little guys can get hypoglycemia. so i offered him his reg meal..boiled chicken rice veggies etc. and he now refuses that also! i have totally messed with his diet and he hasnt eaten in 2 days!! i have to syringe feed him and all **** eat is some yogurt. IM SO WORRIED ANY ADIVCE WOULD HELP!
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hi Princes M firstly i dont know what kind of vet you go to BUT NO Canned food is good for your dog OR ANY forthat matter of fact... try giving him a chicken wing *RAW* or neck they usually love it.

I feed my girls cooked pasta with raw mince OR raw chicken frames but would'nt be looking at feeding her TIN or CAN food.. i do also add makeral in my pets diets AND yoghurt!! and never had anyone tell me my girls werent healthy.

....do try the raw.

Also if after a couple of days no avail try giving her some sugar and water (a tea spoon of sugar) and OR Hepasol (peoples Vitamin B liquid)

hopefully she will eat. She just might be sick of tin food

other thing is he eating at all or you only force feeding him? if not then what does your vet reconmmend? I would give him a little sugar and water and not fuss over him for a day or two OR three.. by day three even the wildest of animals will be looking for food.. fussing over him wont help you either.. but all is worth a try.

have you also checked his mouth that he doesnt have a bone stuck in the back of his throat.. that CAN happen and has been known also
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