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Question - Help

Hello Everyone..I'm Denise. I was doing research on my dog's sickness and came across this site. So I decided to join. It seems like a nice group.

So that brings me to my question: I have a beloved sheltie named Crissy who is 13 years old. Well, in November Crissy decided to have seizues. Make a long story short she is finally on medication to prevent the seizues. We did have to increase the dosage last month as she had three seizues in a row and had to rush her to the ER.

The Dr. seems to "THINK" a brain tumor. Being she has never had seizues before now. But at the same time she has bad tooth decay. The Dr seems to think I should have them cleaned. Now do I take that risk? I didn't want to do it because of her age at first. And now on top of her age the "so called tumor" and seizues. But I did read on one web site that a tooth infection can cause seizues. I spoke to the Dr about this and he says in all his years he has NEVER seen an older dog have seizues due to tooth decay/infection. Has anyone on this site ever here of that??

I want to do the right thing by Crissy. Also, don't want her in pain. Which she doesn't seem to be. So how does a dog owner know if the dog is in pain due to tooth decay???

If anyone can offer any ideas or if anyone has exp'd this I would love to hear from you.

Just feel what do I do?? Currently the seizues are under control. But as the Dr says "if this is a tumor" the meds will only help short term cause as the tumor grows the seizues will come faster and harder. And no we have not done a MRI on her.

Anyway if anyone has any thoughts. I would love to hear them.

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