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Saturday, June 7th

Would like to announce a few things we are going to try at the upcoming show. We are going to try these in the hopes of helping some of you with the rising cost of gas. This will start out as a 1 month trial and if it work we may do it again.
1. The Farthest Traveled Award
The member who drives the farthest distance to attend a VSBA show will receive 1 free fun class and a 20% off of registration coupon for a future show.
2. The Carpooling Award
The member who has the largest number of people travel to the show in the same car with them will receive 1 free fun class and a 20% off of registration coupon for a future show.
3. Most Dogs Entered Award
The person who enters the most dogs into competition will receive a 20% off of registration coupon for a future show.

We will also be adding a couple of games that will not only be entertaining but will also give our supporters the chance to win some cash and/or coupons..
1. Every dog entered will receive a free raffle ticket. We will then draw out a winner or winners (number of winners will be determined by number of dogs entered in the show) Each winning person will get to pick an envelope. Each envelope will contain either A. cash (up to $100 depending on number of dogs entered) or B)VSBA coupons (free classes, free shows etc..)
2. We will be selling tennis balls for X amount of dollars (??$1, $3, $5 not sure yet??). Half the money made off the tennis balls will go to the club. The other half of the money will go into a pot. Sometime during the show every person will have the chance to try and throw their ball into a bucket. If your ball makes it in the bucket you win the pot. If we have more than 1 winner the pot will be split accordingly. If nobody wins the pot 25% of the pot will roll over until the next months show.
3. This month will also be the return of our “Dizzy Bat Competition” Everyone knows how this works and we had a lot of fun with it last year. Each person can pay an entry fee (??$1, $3, $5 not sure yet??) Again, half the pot goes to the club and the other half will go to the person who makes it to the finish line 1st after becoming uncontrollably dizzy. If enough interest is shown we will have a separate competition for children and adults like we did last year.
4. We will also be awarding the member who can come up with A. The best way to save gas and B. The funniest way to save gas. We will have boxes set up for you to write down your answer and submit it. We will have someone judge the entries without knowing who wrote what answer. The winners will receive a free fun class and a 20% off of registration coupon for a future show.
Many of these ideas were given to me by some long time supporters and friends to the club. With gas prices continuing to rise I thought this would be the perfect time to add some fun ways for you guys to have a chance at winning some money to help with the costs.
If any of you have ideas of things you would like to see us try at one of the shows please send them to me. I have no problem whatsoever with adding new events and absolutely have no problem with adding ways for you guys to win some money.
I should also mention we will be awarding a “Most Weight Pulled” trophy in our weight pull from now on.
We may also have a 50/50 raffle to give you guys another chance to win some cash.
If any of this sounds good to you then I suggest you get those dogs ready and bring them on out to our June 7th show. Don’t forget if this is your 1st show then you will receive 50% off of registration.
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