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Scardy puppy

My little guy has apparently been put in his place. Funny because he used to (and still often does) think he rules the house. He always liked watching our rats, and made the mistake of sticking his nose too close to the bars one time too many. He got bit on the nose (he did not get hurt, he was just startled). He still remembers, though. He still loves watching Milo and loves watching the degus. He'll sit on the bed with us while we have the degus out, and is just fine. Until one of them walks in his direction. Then scardy-puppy jumps off the bed in order to escape the tiny degu. It's actually quite comical to think that a 28 pound dog is afraid of a degu.

He's gotten really strange lately. He used to be QUIET. NEVER barked unless we were playing with him and persuaded him to. Now he'll randomly bark at things. It's like we have a ghost in the house that only he can see.

Anyone else have a scardy dog?
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My Tito Burrito (Chihuahua) is scared of his shadow. He gets scared being outside at night when it's dark (to go potty). He gets startled easily (anytime of the day!) too. But what's funny is that Tito is the first to *charge* whatever he's afraid of. He's wuss and a tough guy all rolled up into one!!
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Zoe is scared of everything. From the empty garbage bag on the floor to the basket of clean clothes on the sofa. People are just horrible! On walks she barks at people while hiding behind us. My daughter slammed a cabinet door one day and she ran into the storm door hard enough to give herself a bloody nose! We had an emergency vet visit one Sunday night and after dragging her to the back the vet came to see us. She practically accused us of abusing her! But she asked us to muzzle her! Although we have never hurt her-she does like to run through our legs to knock us down! 60+ lbs does not go through legs very well. We did not get her until she was 5 months and was not socialized before that.
Any suggestions for all of the scared dogs?
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How old is he? Around 6 to 8 months, pups seem to go through a fearful stage. The best thing to do is to be calm and assertive with him and never, ever comfort him when he is afraid of things. Hopefully if you are calm and relaxed during a "frightful" experience, he will pick up on this and chill out and realize there is nothing to be afraid of.
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Indy is scared of things but he also barks at them too whilst hiding behind either us or our little doxie.
Olle is not scared of anything he jumps straight in. He is very protective
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Originally Posted by CTChin
How old is he? Around 6 to 8 months, pups seem to go through a fearful stage.
He's 8 and a half months, so I guess that's right on target.

I have a tendancy to tell him to "hush" when he's barking at things. He's going to be an apartment dog someday, so I'm trying not to let him get in the habit of being allowed to bark loudly. I'll definitely make sure to remember not to over-comfort him. I will admit, that I did that once or twice when he got his paws stepped on when he was younger. At his age now, though, he needs to learn to stay out from underfoot, so if he gets a paw stepped on because he chose to follow too closely to someone's feet, I pat him on the head and tell him he's fine.
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emergency vet, vet visit

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