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She needs new brakes!

Yes, she is.. Valentina is a menace! Keep away from her if she's running!!! Last weekend, I was in the backyard with Odie. Odie was running and passed really close to my leg, Charlotte was chasing him and passed really close to my leg too... Valentina was a bit away.. and got my on the knee! Ouch!

Well, today, I went out to play with them for a bit. Charlotte has been tied this week since he is still escaping and my dad hasn't finished fixing the fence. So I had let her free to run and was playing fetch with them. They don't understand fetch too well.. so they get the ball and then drop it far away from me... So Charly got it and passed beside me. I turned around to look where she had left it and Valentina cam running my way. She hit me with the side of her body right on the back of BOTH my legs and I fell on my back. She ended up under my legs. This girl NEEDs to learn how to stop!!! LOL.. I've seen her stopping agaisnt walls before... so I think she needs brakes... LOL
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My dog always used to run into the back of people and send them flying
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LOL!!! My Chewy did that to me too, but he did it on purpose. Once down, I was fair game for the "lick her to death" game. LOL
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He was just a bit crazy so he did not do it on purpose.
He is the one who had 2 operations for swallowing things he should not.
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