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Will It Ever Change?
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glad the pup is feeling better, mucho happiness here

"If you can't change your fate, change your attitude." - Amy Tan
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Don't worry Greg that is not sick, I would sell my house if I had to to make sure my babies were ok! I have heard the same thing when going through a rough spot. "Well just get rid of them" is the easy thing to say. Seems to me if they were true friends they would have offered to help me! I have been through financial hardships more than once in my life and I know how diffucult it can be. I am so glad Anja is feeling better please extend some belly rubbins' from me LOL!
Also Jessica I'm sure Greg didn't mean to offend you he was just stressed out! Trust me though I know where you are coming from. The sad thing is some idiots ruin it for everyone else! I work at a shelter and I have worked in a vets office before and I have seen it happen countless times. People beg for help and swear on their grandmothers grave they will pay you next week then before ya know it they are dust in the wind. Then when an honest, good person needs a little help you are unable to offer it due to all the money you lost in the past. I know how diffucult it can be. I mean sure there are some unscrupulous vets out there who are just in it for the money, there are bad seeds in all walks of life, however I do believe that most vets are good people who truly do care for the animals but sometimes you are just stuck between a rock and a hard place and there is nothing you can do. It takes money to run any kind of buisness. Not to mention the education grants you end up paying back!! But on the other hand I know how frustrating it can be to have a sick animal and not be able to get help for it, people need to realize tho it's really not the vets fault please don't take it out on them. They do the best they can. If there was a little more public supprt out there there would be more free clinics and more resources but who knows if we'll ever see the day when the general public actually cares when it's "just an animal"!!
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To The "Vet"

Dear Sir, I was not trying to lump all vets into the category of not wanting to help an animal. I am speaking from this ONE experience, not the persons who YOU personally helped then did not pay. To give you an example of what I delt with, I have a SigP220 set up for combat shooting worth well over $1200, I offered EVERY vet this weapon as SECURITY until I could hock some of my belongings - and NONE of them said YES. What was I supposed to think? An illegal alien can go to any hospital and get FREE medical but one of my GSD's who is sick cannot get medical attention when I offer to pay? I understand your education cost you mega-bucks, mine did too and I paid my bills and pay ALL my bills no matter what the personal cost. If you want I would be more than happy to collect your bills from your lame clients for a 25% fee - lol I have taken the courtest of NOT lumping all vets into the lame category and I would appreciate YOU not lumping me into your lame customer category.Greg
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I would like to say I am sorry for venting my frustrations to everyone on this board and especially to Jessica! I had no intention of using this message board as a sounding board and I should have left well enough alone and not responded in the way I did toward the vets in my area. Please accept this appology and it will not happen again. Greg
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Movin' Up in the Pack
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Well I can understand both of your frustrations. I've had some really bad experiences with vets and some very good ones. I think the best thing to keep in mind is that we're all people. There are bad people and good people. There are bad vets and good vets, just as there are good and bad in any profession. There are bad and good customers too!


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No problem Greg. I also jumped at you a little bit quickly after i read what you said, i hope you could understand where i was coming from though. Thank you for the apology and i accept it. I would also like to apologize to you for jumping at you. HOw is you doggy doing? still good?
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Paw-Talk Lifer
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Greg....Good to hear the dog is doing better
Jessica, how long have you been a vet? You mentioned you were a vet on post #14

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Thumbs up

I feel the same way about our fur kids too. We have 3 German Shepherds too. But I would feel the same way no matter what breed I have. We love our fur kids. Good to hear that she is better. I will pray for you to get a job soon. One time in our lives we had job problems too. We were almost on the street. We had 3 dogs then. We bought their food before we bought anything else. And if we had ended up on the street our 3 dogs would be with us. But we prayed a lot and things got better and that didn't happen.Thank God
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