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Question Skittish Puppy

Hello Everyone,

I have a 9 month old and since the day we have had her (when she was about 3 months) she has been skittish around certain people and situations.

For example if I take her on a car ride, if she is lying down on the floor and not looking out the window, she goes through the car ride without issues. But if she looks outside the window while the car is in motion she gets nervous and eventually throws up.

As far as the people situation, she either barks at them or doesn't go near them. If she's on a leash she tries to pull away. The odd thing is, she will go up to someone if they have a dog. She'll let the other pet owner pet her and rub her belly. She's not afraid of the dog. She loves to play with other dogs.

She'll also get excited to see a friend of mine that she doesn't see all the time, but gets nervous around someone she sees all the time. She's also afraid of plastic bags, vacuum cleaners, if I make a sudden move, etc. She also follows me or my wife all the time at home or any other place. Is this normal? If not is there some specific training we can provide her to help her get over some of her fears? She's a Husky/German Shepherd mix.
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I had the same problem with my male doberman as a puppy. Just continue socializing like you are doing. Act calm and secure in every situation and don't overeact. I found it simply does not work when you force a puppy into anything (I'm not saying you are but I tried and learned it doesn't work ) My dobe slowly got better and is especially great in the house. Outside the house he is o.k. When company comes over, if they force themselves on him he tends to shy away. I tell people to sit and he'll come check them out on his terms and is great afterwards. Have your friends offer little dog treats when they come to visit.

Your pup follows you because she sees you as her pack and looks to you for security. Pic a comfy spot central in the house such as the living room, and train her to lay down and stay. You can let her follow you if you want, but if you don't want her to use the "go lay down" command and lead her continually back to the spot if you have to, to get her to stay.
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