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Some behavior problems...

These are a few behavior problems were having, any ideas? And let me first say that he is an EXCELLENT dog. These probably make him sound terrible, but really hes not. Oh and hes a lab/great dane mix (we think) hes from an animal shelter, about a year and a half-2 years.

1) He tries to chase after small children when they run by/bike by. If they walk past he is fine, but if they move quickly passed him he tries to run after them. I think he thinks its a game. Needless to say the kids get freaked out. He also does this with adults, if they go jogging by he tries to run after them. Occasionally he will bark as he tries to run after them.

2) If he is allowed to run with someone he will pull on their clothes. Sort of like the dog in the coopertone ads pulling on the kids bathing suit. He even ripped my little cousins shirt once

3) He gets ball aggressive towards other dogs. He has no problem with a human stealing his toys from him, but if a dog at the dog park takes the ball he is fetching he will start a fight. He also occasionally gets water aggressive (again only towards other dogs, not people) If another dog tries to drink out of the bowl when hes drinking he will fight them.

4) Hes very friendly towards other dogs, but he does not approach them friendly (unless its a dog he knows well, then he will wag his tail). If its a dog he doesnt know, he keeps his tail straight back, he crouches down low. And then when they get close he springs on them and starts playing.

5) He plays VERY rough usually. Its like he has no concept of his size. Occasionally with small dogs he'll get down on their level and play gently. But usually hes just too rough. Also, he is relentless when he wants to play. He will keep bothering a dog to play with him even if they dont want to. This can lead to fights because he keeps bothering them to play.

6) He gets afraid of certain breeds. For example he was once playing with a pitbull and it accidently bit him on the ear. Now everytime we see a pitbull he either gets scared and hides, or he stands up all his fur and tries to act dominate. Same thing with german shepards now. How can I get him to like these breeds again?

Okay any suggestions would be great. Hes really a wonderful dog. And never gets into any problems on leash, its just off leash at the dog park we sometimes have issues. The shelter also thinks he was abused before we got him, so that could be part of the problem.
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