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sores and hairloss HELP

My roommates female akita has a really strange condition. Her vet told her the only thing they could do was take her to an alergist but she cant afford that. This dog has sores ALL OVER. On her head, in her ears on her legs tail feet sides stomach, EVERYWhere!! They sit and ooze and she scratches them and has lost patches of hair in a few spots. The vet said that its not such a huge deal, but It looks horrible. She always has open sores and I am curious if anyone knows what this could be. My roommate says that it usually goes away when the weather gets cooler, but the dog is indoors a lot of the time, so its not like heat blisters or anything like that.

Any help would be greatly appriciated!! I feel so bad for this poor girl. She is so sweet.
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I would try a different vet and get a second opinion. Did the vet take a skin scrape and test for mange?
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I second that... get another opinion. It could be something as simple as flea allergies.
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I agree with both Dena and Chrisanne, I would get a 2nd opinion and have the vet take a skin scraping and test for Mange, but it could very well be a flea allergy. Dakota our male rottie has sensitive skin and although we use frontline (not plus, because they don't have that over here), he does tend to get a flea here and there and has a very bad allergic reaction to them, resulting in minor soars and some hair loss. However I would still seek a 2nd opinion.
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our dog has something like this last summer and has a small case now and our vet said it was flea sensitivy would get second opinion good luck
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What is she feeding? The brand of dog food she is using could be the culprit too...some dogs are allergic to corn, and a lot of dog foods have corn...maybe she should try a premium type dog food if she isnt already. And I also would reccomend a different vet...any vet who says open sores are ok has something backwards. Good luck!

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Back in March of this year my English Mastiff started scratching something fierce, and losing his hair in a couple of patches, with red scratch marks all over his skin. No oozing though. It wasn't fleas, it wasn't ticks. The vet tested for Mange Mites (by doing a skin scraping) on two separate occasions and that wasn't it. The vet said the Mange Mites could be undetected by a microscope so we would need to dip him in a LYM dip 1x per week, for 4weeks, and apply Resolution to prevent SCABIES which could have also been the cause. (Oh, and not only did we have to dip our English Mastiff but we had to did our other 3 animals as well, don't know why, when they weren't scratching at all.....boy was I ticked off at that.....and so were the cats). The vet also prescribes an allergy medication for the itch. A month later the vet did the second scraping for the Mange Mites and it was still negative, and we did the second application of Resolution (it was April now) and the vet renewed the allergy medication and prescribed a steroid at this point, all the while my English Mastiff continued to scratch and still had hair loss, in patches. At this appt. the vet suggested we may want to take him to a dermatologist because he is a puppy and puppies usually don't have allergies this young....yeah right. Well it was at this point that I called another vet, because she was pretty much a QUACK (having me put all of those chemicals, and testings on my English Mastiff when I didn't need to). Well, needless to say, the other vet suggested changing his diet completely (which is something the previous vet never suggested) to a fish and potato or duck and potato or venison and potato diet, because he has a FOOD ALLERGY - to soy, wheat, corn, barley, chicken, oat bran, the normal Well, he had to stay on the medication (allergy and steriod to say comfortable from the itching), but his hair grew back, rash went away and his coat looks great even today. He's already shedding his puppy hair and his seasonal hair is shedding. I hope you can get a second opinion from another vet. Try changing his food, maybe it's a food allergy. It will take a while for the food he is currently eating to get out of his system though. Maybe the Vet can give him something for the itching though...poor thing

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dog food, hair loss

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