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Exclamation STAFFS/PITTS "Dangerous" Dogs? - Help / Thoughts?

This is a bit of a weird post, please don't see it as a drama starter. I don't want anyone to argue, I'm looking to get rid of a prejudice and cure a phobia underneath it all.

Due to some experiences as a child I have quite a bad prejudice against pitts and staffs. I recognise that it is probably a stupid prejudice, and I know that some people on these forums own staffs and/or pitties.

My childhood dog (you know, the one that was there before you were born, you grew up with and was one of the best friends you ever had) was put through a glass window by a staff right in front of my eyes. My dog (Brownie/Bruno) was a really placid dog, an English Spaniel Cross, never got into fights. The other dog just appeared to be a bit schizophrenic, "turned" with no apparent provocation. Brownie needed a full plasma transplant and had to have his back leg stitched back on (it was literally hanging on by a tendon).

Another time, I was playing in the park as a child and a pitbull started barking at me and then gave chase for no apparent reason. It was getting really, really aggressive and I had to climb up a tree in the end to get away from it. I know the owner was in the wrong for not having him/her harnessed properly etc, but I just find it really frightening how these seemingly relaxed dogs (both from two completely different places, different owners, etc) could just change so quickly.

Maybe I've been unlucky, I know.

I've always been told that the two breeds have been bred for little purpose other than baiting/fighting. I'm not sure on the truth of this as obviously there is a lot of conflicting information on the internet.

I know it's quite a hot topic and I'm not trying to provoke or aggravate anybody.

Really I think I just need to convince myself that these animals aren't evil, because since these events I have it set in my head that they are, and I feel bad for thinking that way when I see them (and since they've become popular, I see them all the time now).

So, help?
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There is some truth to the rumor about bulls being bred for fighting. It is illegal in most countries, but has been a popular "sport" (not that I think it is sporting) in the past. Bulls were originally bred for hunting and helping subdue cattle.
Pitbull Dog History | APBT History

Mastiffs are large dogs, but they are considered more faithful I think, and not so temperamental as a breed.
History of the Mastiff

If you are concerned that they are all evil or bad dogs because of their past, no. A dog may be temperamental, but any dog can be trained. Each dog should be judged by its own personality. It is not the dog's fault if it isn't trained.

I hope you can get over your fears.
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"Bad" dogs are more often than not the fault of the owner.
(not always the case,but in quite a few cases). I known quite a few people with dogs known to be "bad breeds" & haven't had an inch of problem with them.

I know phobias are a bit hard to get rid of,I have quite a few myself (i'm highly allergic to bug bites& stings so i'm a bit skittish when I see bees). Maybe you could try to confront your phobia by scouting out someone with those particular breeds that are well behaved& just speak to them for a bit,maybe then get up the nerve to maybe pet their dog (with the owners permission of course,should never just pet someones dog,that's a no-no).

Maybe spending time with well behaved dogs of those breeds will help you confront your fear,thus,maybe erasing it altogether =]

I'm really sorry you had bad experiences though!
I can definately understand how you got that phobia!

My mom is terrified of all big dogs.

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I consider the large, potentially dangerous breeds to be like guns. Not everyone is qualified to own one. In fact I'd say the great majority of people aren't. But because of the way laws and freedoms are enacted, it's easier to ban them than regulate them.

The problem is not with the dog. They seem to attract a great many people whose training skills would be taxed by a pet rock. Unfortunately, when one of these dogs goes awry, it's become a newsworthy event.

Many other dogs don't require the owner's discipline and training like these dogs do, nor is it as serious a situation when someone ends up with an anti-social Yorkie.

If you are not comfortable around them, I would suggest you avoid them. Personally, I avoid the breed whenever I see it too. In my case, it's not because of any particular bad experience, I just don't trust most owners to be able to handle or control their animal.

I feel the same way about most large breeds. For example, I love Rotts and Dobies, I just don't trust ones that I don't know the owner.


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Thanks everyone, your comments are all greatly appreciated.
I know exactly what you're saying bob, I've got so many air heads in the local vicinity who own them for their "street" value, I'm sure there's dog fighting going on in the area too, I keep seeing people setting their dogs after squirrels and stuff late at night, that's just not normal "walking the dog" behaviour...There was actually one the other night swinging off a tree branch, it jumped up the tree, clasped a branch in its jaw and wouldn't let go.... :S

I love dobermans and rotties, it really is just staffs and pitts I have the issue with. I would love to meet someone who owned one and was responsable with it. There aren't too many around here though.

They're a money making / scam device too here in England at the moment. If you go on the London site for Flats to rent London, jobs in London, flatshare, free classified ads UK, you don't need to look hard to see how many £300 staff pups are being sold!

Hm. It's something I would like to get over. It really is just a trust issue. I would be scared that they'd just flip out on me like they did in the past...

Grr! Isn't it annoying? I have no other phobias!
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linked website is called "Gumtree"
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Originally Posted by dogslife
There is some truth to the rumor about bulls being bred for fighting. It is illegal in most countries, but has been a popular "sport" (not that I think it is sporting) in the past. Bulls were originally bred for hunting and helping subdue cattle.
Pitbull Dog History | APBT History

Mastiffs are large dogs, but they are considered more faithful I think, and not so temperamental as a breed.
History of the Mastiff

If you are concerned that they are all evil or bad dogs because of their past, no. A dog may be temperamental, but any dog can be trained. Each dog should be judged by its own personality. It is not the dog's fault if it isn't trained.

I hope you can get over your fears.
This was a really good read, thank you.
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Pit Bulls are by far my most favorite dogs on earth, they are turned bad if their breeder was bad or their owner was bad. You have to be careful and it is very important to raise them right, they need to be family dogs and cannot be locked up all day. They love kids and would take a bullet for their family. Take a look at the pictures, the first two are of my pittie, Budman who we found a new home because of his hyperness, but he is very lovable and a great dog, very gentle, too! The third picture is of my friend's beautiful and loving pittie, Blu.

My dog, Budman

And the loving pitties at the pit bull show...

This is a sweet pittie I found lost, I luckily found his beloved home, where he was happily reuinted with a very rapidly wagging tail...
Attached Images
File Type: jpg buddy georgia alaska 003.jpg (16.6 KB, 3 views)
File Type: jpg buddy georgia alaska 021.jpg (18.0 KB, 3 views)
File Type: jpg blumay2006.jpg (41.9 KB, 3 views)
File Type: gif 1995ares_elaine[1].gif (14.2 KB, 4 views)
File Type: jpg poorguy[1].jpg (16.3 KB, 7 views)
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Here are some more dogs from the pit bull show

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This is what people who hate pitties do to them, they don't understand them. Some of these dogs died, and others lived and found new homes, where, despite their hatred past, they loved their family more then anything.

My pittie, Budman, was beat with beer bottles to the head, and he still loved people. He never bit anyone in his whole entire life.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg starved%20dog[1].jpg (45.1 KB, 17 views)
File Type: jpg Chained-PitBulll-Dog2_small[1].jpg (5.5 KB, 14 views)
File Type: jpg images[5].jpg (2.1 KB, 139 views)
File Type: jpg starving%20TX%20dog[1].jpg (19.6 KB, 12 views)
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Read this....


“Some people would go around saying pit bulls are the most vicious dogs ‘invented’. My pit bull, Panda, rescued one of my neighbors when she fell into a deep lake and was left unconscious to drown, luckily, Panda was in the backyard with me when I suppose he heard the splash. I didn’t hear anything, but the next second he soared over my 6 foot fence and plunged into the water. When I saw him drag my neighbor, Jessica, who is scared of pit bulls herself, to shore by the arm, was astonished. When we woke, Panda was sitting atop her, licking her face.”
“I have some words that explain pit bulls perfectly… tolerant, loving, caring, loyal, obedient, sweet, cuddling, protective,
“Pit Bull isolate – they are different for all other dog, and I must say, better”.
“They inspect everyone and everything, making sure whatever it is will not harm any of the humans or other animals in the household”.
“Pit Bulls should be inspiring to everyone – everyone should wish that their dog was exactly like any true pit bull, and if everyone saw a true pit bull, everyone would be truly inspired”.
“All I have to say is, ban stupid people, not dogs!”
“Everyone shall forsake never to think of banning pit bulls after meeting a true one”.
“I own four pit bulls, Korea, Andrea, Moshe, and Power Shot. Korea got her name because her eyes remind me of Japanese people. Andrea got her name because I thought it fit her girlie attitude. Moshe just reminded me of a mushy, cuddly baby, so Moshe just seemed like the perfect name for him! Power Shot got his name because he is so quick and all muscle. They share my bed with me and sleep under the covers against my body. They can’t go one minute without being beside me! All they want to do is cuddle, swim, and play. All play together nicely, not once have they shown dominance or meanness. Everyone who knows them admires them and hopes to own a pit bull someday. I wish everyone could meet my four!”
“Ia and Papa are my two pit bulls, Ia has pure brown hair, with one white speck on the tip top of his head. Papa is small, but all muscle, he is black with a black tip on his tail. Both sleep with me and won’t go one minute without each other. They play great with other dogs and are favorites at the local dog park.”
“The pit bull breed is banned in my state; it was the most painful thing to be parted from my three dogs, Melon, Pea & Star. Pea was the smallest pit bull I ever saw, tiny legs and tiny body. What I loved about her is she loved to lie in my arms like a baby and run like a wild woman when she got a chance. I loved Melon because she was the biggest pittie I’d ever seen. She was the biggest in the litter when I got her. She stole any kind of melon from the refrigerator. Star barked crazily whenever he saw a shooting star shoot across the sky. I miss them all so much, and won’t grow any dog besides a pit bull; that’s why I am moving to a state where I can own at least six pit bulls. Yes, I am moving somewhere just so I can have pit bulls”.
“Garlic, Noodle, Pepper and Butter are my four. I am often asked why I named them that…well; Garlic always sneezes when the garlic food is put up to his nose. Noodles are slimy, flexible and skinny, and my dog Noodle always has a slimy tongue and is always very slobbery, she is very flexible; great at agility, flyball and Frisbee, and is very lean and skinny. Pepper is white with tons of black specks all over his body and the food butter is slips easily, and Butter often finds a way to slip out of my hands and outside to greet people walking down the sidewalk”.
“For me, they are like potato chips. You love them, and they are an addiction. You can have something else, but this particular thing is your favorite, and you can’t just have one! I, owner of seven pit bulls, can say that out of experience! I can also say out of experience what pain I suffered when being separated by my fur kids. Please visit my ‘article’, it is the first one on the Painful Separation page.


I cannot even explain the pain I suffered when my seven pit bulls were taken away. Harley, Davidson, Dasher, Petunia, Ice, Glacier & Feiffer were their names… I got both Harley and Davidson when they were 3 years old from the local shelter, 30 minutes before euthanasia. Harley was black and Davidson was white. At the shelter, their names were Hoover and David, I immediately changed the names into something that fit the Oreos. I got Dasher a few weeks after getting Harley & Davidson, Dasher was 2 years old when I got him, he came from the local humane society, he had arrived days earlier and nobody wanted him because of his barking. I took him home immediately when I saw him. He was a gorgeous brown with a white streak starting at the tip of his forehead, streaking down his face and chest, and squiggling down his right leg. I named him Dasher and learned that he had no barking problem; he was just lonely at the shelter. Petunia, who was 9 years old when I got her, came three months after Dasher. She came from a neighbor who didn’t want her anymore because she was now scared of the dog, after hearing about all the pit bulls on the news that ‘turned on their owners’. I took her open heartedly and once I had her I couldn’t understand why anyone would even consider being scared of her. The way she sat on the couch like a human, the way she smiled, she was truly a great dog. Ice & Glacier came 2 weeks later, from someone who was moving and couldn’t take them along. Ice was bluish grey and Glacier was white with some faint grey blotches of fur. I got Feiffer nearly one year later. He was 6 years old and at the local shelter, where he had to name ‘Foozle’. Poor guy I thought, and took him home with me that day. I had seven pit bulls in no time, and he no regrets taking them into my life. They all brightened me up whenever I came home from a bad day at work, and enjoyed lying around me in a circle while I lay on a towel in the sun on a beautiful day. It was like they were protecting me with a electric circle, the way they lie around me, alert and cautious. But whenever someone passed by, they wouldn’t bark or growl, they would put on a smile. Petunia often jumped up and tried licking the person through the gate, although she couldn’t reach the person by a long shot. None of them ever barked, growled, snarled, or bit. The only thing they have ever done is attempted to lick someone to death. I fail to laugh when writing this, I cry, because when I think of how it ends, it makes my heart shatter to pieces. Well, five years later, when Petunia was about 14 years old and the other’s ages ranged from 8 to 12, I found something out that made my eyes burst into tears and my heart shatter to pieces. As I hugged and sobbed on my dogs’ fur, I told them how much I loved them. I had learned that pit bulls were getting banned in my state. I thought of it as a nightmare, but never woke up and realized it was no nightmare when the people came and took my babies away. Crying and sobbing, I watched as they were hauled away, and minutes from being killed. I will never have a dog again until I save enough money to move, because I will never; EVER own any dog, besides a pit bull. ---- Broken hearted & shattered soul, Unknown.

I cannot write much, for I will die of a chopped heart if I write the whole story. But I will tell you, that my three musketeers, 7 year old Jesse, 10 year old Mariah, and 2 year old Pono were the most wonderful dogs anyone would have ever met. And if only everyone in my state had taken a few minutes to get a lick across the face by my three musketeers, then maybe they would still be here with me today. On Mariah’s 10th birthday, they were taken away while I sobbed and tears flooded the ground. I can still see Jesse and Pono’s faces when they were taken away, wondering where they were going without me, and I can still see Mariah’s smile when she was taken away, she had known me for so long and knew I had never let her go or left her behind, she knew I would come back for her…only I didn’t. She and my other three must’ve suffered with pain that horrid night, and I did too. If only I were there, too, to comfort them and warm them with my hugs and tears, to see them in their last minutes of life. To hold them and love them before they left me forever: or more like it, before I left them forever, let them down and didn’t rescue them. My heart lies in my chest, shattered into pieces, and it will never be put together again until my babies are back in my arms. I am still waiting for that day, waiting and hoping, I will see them again someday. Please don’t do this to anybody else. Save the other pit bulls, just keep Jesse, Mariah & Pono in mind.

Abbess, Jade, Penile, Tiara. Those names stick in my heart forever and they will never be forgotten. All came from the local shelter, white Abbess, black Jade, brown Penile & black & white Tiara.


I asked people to send me stories or ‘time lines’ of what pit bulls and how many pit bulls they have owned in their life time. So, enjoy the many stories about people who kept their pit pets successfully without the pain of the ban.
All my life I have owned pit bulls. The first time I went home from the hospital after being born, I was met by the tongue of a 10 year old pit bull named Citrus. I grew up riding the tan pit bull like I horse, and hugging her, pulling her tail and getting licked in return. The dog loved me and I loved her right back. When I turned 5 years old, Citrus passed away of old age. Immediately after Citrus passed away, and when the tears had been wiped away, we took a trip to the local animal shelter and took home a 3 year old black pit bull with white specks named Stars. I lived with her for 10 years until I was 15 years old. She passed away at the age of 13. For my 16th birthday, my parents introduced me to my present; the best of them all: a 7 week old white pit bull with blue eyes. I named her Sky. She was my sweetheart and I took her to college with me. When I turned 29 she passed away of old age. 5 years after Sky passed away I adopted three pit bulls from a friend who could no longer own them. Speckles, a 7 year old boy who was white with tan spots, 2 year old Tiara, who was white with one black foot, and 6 month old Caiman, a blue brindle boy. Speckles passed away 3 years after coming to me, Tiara passed away 8 years later, Caiman stayed with me until he was 15 years old. 4 weeks later a friend who is a volunteer at the shelter called me and told me to come down. I drove there and she introduced me to five pit bulls who had come in the week before: they were victims of an animal testing lab. There were three black ones; two males and one female; who was pregnant. The other two were tan; one male and one female. One of them being pregnant as well. My friend told me they had been left together in a small kennel, not neutered and not spayed. She told me if I brought the males back in a few days she would have the vets neuter them. I ended up bringing all five of the fearful, insecure dogs home. I staked five ropes into the ground so I could tie them up, I didn’t trust them to run in my 4 acre backyard in fear they wouldn’t come back, because they feared people so much. I brought the males in to get neutered and a few days later I brought them back. I noticed the black female going into labor and brought her inside the house. She gave birth to seven happy and healthy pups. Five were black and two were tan. Three days later the tan female gave birth to five pups; all tans. The two black males got named Sheriff and Omega. The female black got named Cathy. The male tan got named Dunkin and the female got named Atari. All the dogs became trusting a few weeks after coming home with me. They became like any happy pet. Once the 12 pups turned twelve weeks old I found them all homes except one of the black males; who I named Nariño. After all the puppies were found homes, I had the two females spayed and kept them for 5-9 years before they passed away. I still had Nariño, who lived to be 12 before passing away. Right now I own a white pit bull with tan specks all over his body. His name is Sir and he is one great pittie!

I was never a dog person, I had always loved cats, and after my five cats had been attacked by two golden retrievers, I’d never attempted owning a dog and never planned on it. But, that changed. I was driving down the road and noticed a hurt dog, a very bloody one. Everyone was driving right past him like he was a piece of garbage that had been dropped out the window and left for the birds to consume. I pulled over and looked at the dog, he was a pit bull; black with a white muzzle and white chest. I couldn’t leave the whimpering dog there, so I lifted him into the back of the car and shot down the freeway, towards the veterinary clinic.
I found out the pup had one broken rib, one broken leg, while the other had to be amputated, and one of his eyes had to be removed. The vet asked me if I wanted to care for the dog, and I answered I would… JUST until he got better. Then I would find him a home. I brought him home and lied him down on the porch in the sun, on his side, he was unable to move. He’d pee on himself, unable to get up and lift his leg. I’d clean up the porch and his body everytime this happened. He slept outside and lie out there in the daytime. I hand fed him and gave him plenty of attention, being careful not to let any of my cats near him. Once I left the door open, and one of my kittens, a Siamese named Edina shot out the screen door and over to the dog. She sniffed his muzzle and his body, while he looked at her, watching her every move. I stared at her and the pit bull. She ended up cuddling up beside him, up against his tummy, and falling asleep. He curled his head around her and fell asleep as well. All the cats made friends with him, and loved to cuddle with him. When he was able to move around, they‘d follow him and mimic his every move. When he slept, they’d curl up against him and fall asleep. After 4 or 5 weeks of having him at my house, I decided to give him a name. Rimshot just seemed like the perfect name for him. He lived with me for 10 years, my cats still loved him, and he still loved them. After 10 years of life with the cats and I, he passed away. The cats went around the house meowing and looking for him. I felt so sorry for them, so I took a trip to the shelter and bought a 6 year old black & white pittie and named him Polo. The cats cuddled with him, but they didn’t seem as close to him as they had been to Rimshot. I own Polo now, he is 12 years old. The cats are still not as close to him as they had been to my Rimshot boy, but at least they love Polo. Pit Bulls are the only dogs I know that will willingly cuddle and fall asleep with cats- they are the best dogs, and I won’t own any breed but a pittie.

This is my pittie time line:
1963- Jalapeño the black pittie- adopted from the local shelter
1973 – Tuba the blue pittie- free from a friend
1985- Snickers the blue brindle pittie – breeder
1999- Bubbles the white pittie
2000- Bubbles & Tony the brindle pittie – breeder
2007 – Tony & Obi – adopted from the local shelter


We asked people to email us one word that explains pit bulls.

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I agree with Bob. I avoid the breed just because you don't know how they were raised. I am leary of rescues for them because chances are they were not treated well. I did read somewhere that there have been tests that show that there is something physialogically different about them than other dogs which is why they are "good fighter" kind of an oxymoron if you ask me. I try not to have prejudices but sometimes it is hard.
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LuvMeBre, your posts were lovely and clearly very heartfelt
Sarah, I know what you mean, it's a sad vicious cycle.

I've read about these "hormonal differences" aswell...Any truth in them?

Looked for some information, couldn't find anything neutral though.
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This explains my feelings on it:

the pit bull problem (what is man without the beasts?) - flash

Warning, some of the pictures are very hard to look at.

Also, when people say "A pit bull attacked me", how sure are they?

Pet Pitbull - Find the Pit Bull

Can any of you find the pit bull?

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Its stories like this that make people afraid of the breed..

Inside the Grisly World of Dog Fighting - Newsweek Pets - (from an article today on msn)

bad people with bad intentions (using these dogs to fight/sport) ruin it for the good guys who just want a dog to love.
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