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Tasha and her Belated Sister Rosie...

Hi everyone, I have talked alot about my ferrets and not enough about my dog Tasha. So this is all about her and sister that died about a year ago.

We adopted Tasha and Rosie at Petsmart around Feb of 2002, when they were guessed to be aroudn the age of Seven making there birthdays arougn Jan 30, 1994. They were used for Breeding and thier owner had them de-barked. The owner had kept them in a kennel outside that was all pavement (which had did some major damage on Rosies paws and made it hard for her to walk). The person who had them up for adoption didn't want to seperate them, because they were a bonded pair. My mom was the only one who even consider taking them home, cause most people got scared away due to the fact that they were both old and they didn't want to get two dogs. Because my mom did decide to get them, the lady gave her a discount and when the lady found out later on that my Dad/ my moms husband, had died through September 11, she said she would have given them to us for free. But my mom said, that she didn't want special treatment just because of the events that had happend.

When they first came home, they were very skiddish and confused. The first month they ate paper, clothes and dug in the trash can etc. They were like old puppies. It was funny, cause one night my sister Val had left her homework and clothes on the coffee table and the next morning, her underwear was torn in shreds and her homework was half eaten. Eventually they realized that trashing the house was a big no no and they started to behave. They never did play or anything like that, I don't think they knew how. Tasha still dosn't know how to play. Even though they were de-barked they use to bark at us and greet us at the door. Rosie was really bossy and would always bark orders at me, saying I need to let her out and let her in and if I left her outside to long, I heard about it! LOL She was really cute. She had these big huge brown eyes(see pics below) and you could just fall in love with them. She came around really fast, and loved attention. She use to cuddle with my moms cat Toby and Chase the other cat out of the Kitchen (Josie).

Unfortunatly Rosie died of Kidney Disease. We did the fluid thing and gave her special food for it, and they said she might live past a year, she only lived for maybe 6 mos. I came home from grocery shopping and went to give her fluids under the skin, and she started to shake and lose control of her body. I freaked out and called for help. We took the needle out of her and just sat thier and held her. I told my sister Wendy to get mom, because I knew she was dieing. My sister thought she would be alright, and I said "no, she is going, go get mom now" I went with my mom to take her to the vet to be put to sleep, I was there with Rosie all the way, and It was hard for me to leave the room. She died on Aug 11 of 2003. She is missed alot and I can't wait to see her again.

After Rosie died, Tasha didn't like to sleep on the floor anymore and started to go on the bed with me at night. I let her, because I knew she was lonly. She sleeps on the floor now, but she dosn't like to leave my side. One day, I had her in the room on the other side of the gate and I had left the room. She usually stands by the gate untill I get back, but this time, she tired to jump the gate and started barking. She hates it when I leave her in the room even just for a second. Its funny, because my fiance Chris can leave all he wants and she won't do a thing. I guess she must love me a lot. I have had for 3 years. Tasha and Rosie were not trained and use to pee on the floor alot. Now, I put Tasha in a diaper if I plan on be gone for more then 6 hours and She can sit for a treat. My mom use to laugh at me when I would try to get Rosie and Tasha to sit on command. she didn't think it could be done. Tasha has come around alot since I first had her. She dosn't run away from me hardly at all, except when I go to put her diaper on. I know she hates it but it must be done. I try to distract her with treats when I put it on, but it dosn't seem to work, she just dosn't like me messing around with her back end. I think she is going blind and deaf though. She tends to bump in to things every now and then and it can be hard to get her attention. She goes to the vet tomorrow for a physical etc. I can't wait to tell the vet that she can sit for treats now. Anyhow, thats all for now... I think this is long enough. I hope you guys enjoyed my stories and pics. I am sure I will remember more later on...
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Oh my what a sad story, at least Rosie spent her last year in the comfort of a good home, and Tasha still has you to look after her.. Their previous owners obviously didn't keep them in good kennel conditions, and debarking them is horrible, dogs are meant to bark, its in their nature... Please post some more pics of them, and give poor Tasha a hug from me, I hope she is ok! RIP Rosie xx
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What a special story! Give Tasha a hug for me!
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HI, Well, right now Tasha is asleep on my shoes snoring away... LOL.

She is doing great, the vet told me she has a harding in her eye that is makeing her go blind and eventually one day she will totatally loose her eye sight. Other then that I was told to get her carbs down, so I guess no more junk food for her! I am going to just keep her on her dog food and not give her as much treats and hopefully that works. Otherwise, he said she is in good shape. I have a feeling I will have Tasha for a few more years! Lucky Me! I actually think she could live to be 20 years old! Assuming nothing goes wrong between now and then.

I will give her your hugs, when she wakes up from her nap. I can't help but to laugh when I look at her, how in the world can she sleep like that? I would thinks all those shoes would get uncomfortable! LOL. Anyhow.., I will try to post more pics.. Later...
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They're both very pretty dogs. That's great that they went to a good home and Rosie did have a good rest of her life.

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It's warming to hear that they both got to retire in an excellent home with lots of love!!! As sorry as I am to hear about Rosie, I'm equally thrilled that she was able to move on from a loving environment rather than out on the pavement or confined in a kennel somewhere.

Thank you so much for sharing their story with us!
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