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On Wednesday night me and my sis were woken up by the dogs barking like crazy outside. So we went out there and my sis saw this huge strange dog running around where the dogs are. She thought it was a coyote for some reason. Anyways, it ran around the front of the house followed by Roscoe, the only dog that was not penned the other night. The dog came up on the porch and it was huge. It was a german shepherd. We did everything we could to run it without hurting it, but it wouldn't leave. I looked and it was a female so I figured that was why Roscoe who isn't fixed yet was so interested. We went back to bed. The next morning she was still out front with Roscoe. She had a tag on her collar, but we couldn't call the vet until Friday so she spent Thanksgiving with us. She was a gorgeous dog. Huge too. Alot bigger than other german shepherds I've ever seen. She was also very well behaved and very good with the kids down at my grandma's house. (she lives down the road) She was a silvery gray color with black tips on her fur. We called her Daisy because it kinda fit with Roscoe. On Friday I called the vets and they gave her owner my number. When the owner called she said that the dog had only been missing since Wed afternoon. They obviously aren't feeding her enough because although german shepherds should be sleek looking, their hip bones and ribs shouldn't poke out, should they? It took the lady 6 hours after she called me to come and get her. If she was my dog I would have came and got her as soon as I got off the phone with the person who had her. I don't know...when the owner came I didn't feel like she cared that much about the dog. The dog ran away from her when she came to get her and that dog stayed right be my side the whole time she was at my house. She said she'd had to go get her from people 3 times in the past 3 weeks, because she's only 8 months old and she runs off alot. The woman said she was planning on breeding her to another registered german shepherd and selling the puppies after the first of the year. She said she'd call me when she had puppies. She asked me if I had seen my dog try to get it on with her dog and I said no. And she was like, "Good, cause them pups wouldn't be worth nothing." (Roscoe has an appointment coming up to be fixed by the way). I guess what I'm getting at in this long drawn out thing is this, why do these people have these beautiful dogs and only care about making money off of them? If she comes back here I'm liable to keep her.
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LOL I definitley would keep her if she kept comeing back.
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That owner doesn't sound like a nice person.. I think it is really sad, that so many dogs are used for breeding, when there are so many unwanted ones in rescue centres.. Thanks for looking after the dog, while you could, it was probably one of the happiest times in her short life...
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It's good that you took such good care of her, at least she was shown what love is. People like her owner are what make this world so harsh and cold.
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