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Ticks - UGH- Best products to treat yard?

Haven't seen a tick in years but this year I started seeing...one and then two..then a dozen...then MORE! I'm getting soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FRUSTRATED by it

All of the animals are treated with Advantix every month like clockwork. My cat has not had a single tick on her... my Shepherd is getting lil infestations between toes and my rotty pup is a walking tick magnet!

I keep searching for them and removing them etc but yesterday I went through the dogs with a fine tooth comb for several hours and total between the two turned out over 50 ticks!!!!!!!! Most were tiny no-see-ums but geeeeeeeezzzz what's up with that?

I think maybe there is an infestation in the yard somewhere? We do have damp grass, we are heavily wooded, and these hurricanes have made it a royal pita to keep the leaves and branches up...but we're trying.

I've never had to get aggressive with ticks before..this is NOT something I'm used to so I really need some advice...

Bombing the house would be tough due to its size and the number of animals that would have to be evacuated, not to mention that we work at home so it'd require "time off" *gasp* lol The yard also has the ponds to contend with fwiw...

At any rate...has anyone used any yard sprays as a weapon against ticks? What's safest? What works? What changes will it require for my dogs once I lay the poison down?


I'm in knots over this problem and now that the hurricanes are gone (Ivan that means you can't come here!) I'd like to tackle this thing....

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By me there is a company that sells a system (haven't priced it yet) where you set these little "traps" for lack of a better word. They look like huge roach motels. You place them around the perimeter of your yard. Mice go through these "traps" and get frontlined. Rodents are one of the biggest carriers of ticks into your yard so this helps cut down on the amount. Its called the MaxForce Tick Manangement System.

If you want more information you can call 1-800-331-2867

Here is the link to the web site MaxForce TMS
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Hmmmm that sounds interesting.

I've not really seen much in the way of mice around here but we do have a ton of squirrels and armadillos... I assume the squirrels can play host for ticks? Not sure this would work for them though.

The concept seems like a good one..
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