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Ok, so I knew it was too good to be true. This house and neighborhood could not be so great.

My neighbors have said nothing to me.... well, until tonight. A neighbor two houses down (not close like most housing mind you. Probably a good two acres between us) to complain that my dogs bark all day non stop. He said he just wanted to be neighborly and let me know it was a bother. UGH :boxing:

First of all... my dogs go outside 5 times a day. That is IT. THey go out at about 5 am when Dave is getting ready for work, then at about 930 after they eat, then about 2ish, then about 5-6ish, and then about 10-11ish before we go to bed. Yes, they do bark some like any dog. Gazoo doesn't really do a lot of barking but the other two do more than he.

There is no barking at their first outing... its way early. They do bark some.. rebel and chewy like to bark at the rabbits and squirrels at their next outing. They are quickly reprimanded if they bark or brought in. Their next outing is only about 30 min because its HOT and they seldom bark unless they see people or dogs. The early evening outing is when they bark more, because there is more activity but its not contant or obsessive. Then late at night... again no barking. I just don't get it.

THis guy made a point of telling me about all the neighborhood watch people and such, then proceeded to tell me someone would likely report me and he was surprised no one had yet. *yeah we all know who will right* I tried to be nice and cordial as I could and explain to him that he did NOT hear my dogs bark all night since they are inside all night.

My thoughts are this.... I'll call the local animal shelter to find out what the nuisance laws are here, survey my closer neighbors to see what they think, (he says they must be deaf to have not complained) and then start a journal to document every complaint, every outing time (in and out), and every bark. A pain in the *** but what else can i do.

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Sounds like a good plan Chris. I so hate people like that! Sometimes dogs NEED to bark exuberantly outside while burning off energy just for the sheer joy of it. Sort of like a parrot. If they aren't barking often and/or after a certain time at night, what on earth could he report you for? He so needs to get some ear plugs
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It is a pain but, better to spend a little extra time writing stuff down than to have a huge mess on your hands later, I suppose. Sigh. I hate neighbors like that. I'm quite positive you're a responsible dog owner. Your posts that I have read all speak volumes about you. Your concern over this confrontation and want to prevent problems speaks further. It's a shame that the good owners have to go through so much to not be accused of being one of the bad, and there are so many bad who get away with murder...literally!

Speaking with your other neighbors are important. I think if this old fuddy duddy is the only fellow reporting you, if he does, and everyone else agrees that you and yours aren't a problem...well, I think that you won't have too many problems. Maybe a visit or two from the ASPCA or something? Who handles barking dog cases? I have no idea.

I'm sorry that you're going to have some extra burdens thanks to this guy. Hope all goes well.
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Wow thats ridiculous. Sounds like you have a good plan though. I'd definitely talk to your other neighbors and see what they say about the whole thing. Good luck and I hope its not too much of a mess for you!

What part of Arizona do you live in, if I may ask? I might be moving to the Phoenix area soon.
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Neighbors like that are hard to deal with. Most people get an idea of what their ideal neighbor will be like, and when someone else moves in, they try very hard to find problems. Don't let it get you down... Dogs bark, it's what they do... anyone with half a brain will understand that your dogs are prone to bark once in a while, as long as they aren't barking for hours at a time, and all night long, you're fine...
I'd report his rude nosey behavior to your neighborhood association.
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Ugh what a pain but I think you should talk to all other neighbours and document outing times....just to be on the safe sie you know!!! I'm sure if you talk to the other neighbours they'll end up standing up for you!!!!This guy probably gives them all grief!!!
I tell you some people just love to complain about dogs barking!! It's one of my concerns when we move.....Biscuit will be outside all day and she only does that at my mum's......I think she'll be okay and not be noisy (she's not at my mums) but if people complain to me I won't know for sure cause she is a noisy dog!!!

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Ugh! Is right! I get that occasionally from neighbors too, which is totally ridiculous! I don't tolorate my own dogs barking and usually if they are, it means something is VERY wrong! Mine go out about 5 times a day also, early morning and evenings mostly because it's just too darn HOT out there! This jerk a block away on the corner called the police once about my dogs barking...Police came and I told them, "Do you see any dogs around here?" Of course not! Shane had taken them to the shop with him that particular evening! They hadn't been here for 4 hours! I told the cop to go up to the tattoo shop if he didn't believe me! Usually the barking dog in the neighborhood is the Jack Russell behind me, but he can't see that yard from his house, so he assumes it's my dogs...Idiot! Can't tell the difference between a Jack Russell's bark and a Pitbull bark? Yeah right, he just doesn't like pits! Luckily also, the crazy lady neighbor's sister was outside washing her car at that moment and confirmed that my dogs rarely bark and if they do, I immediately bring them inside. Neither of us admitted it was the Jack Russell behind us though...he just does it during the day and the owners do the same as I do...if he starts barking too much, they bring him's only curteous. But this guy just isn't happy unless he's complaining.
I agree with you Chrisanne, get the other neighbors opinions...just because you have dogs, doesn't mean they are the culprits.
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Thanks for the thoughts and opinions. Its just frustrating. I know my dogs bark at times, but geez. Chewy likes to bark when he's ready to come in, but it certainly isn't for long periods of time. I don't even want to listen to that.

Veggiegirl, we live in Sierra Vista which is south of Tucson. Phoenix is only a 3 hour drive away. Roughly.
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Originally Posted by Chrisanne
Chewy likes to bark when he's ready to come in, but it certainly isn't for long periods of time. I don't even want to listen to that.
Orion has trained me the same way! He knows if he wants in and I'm ignoring him, all he has to do is stand at the glass door and bark!
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This is the scoop. There is a county barking ordinance in effect, but upon explaining the situation to the animal control officer she said it didn't sound like we had a problem. She gave me some tips to help teach my dogs to not bark (yeah right but ok) so as to try to elimiate some potential problem. She also said I beat him to the punch by calling her first. Now she has a heads up about our situation. And since its just her and one other lady that work our area she'll be aware if a complaint is filed.

I also got my dogs licensed today so they are completely legal whereas his are NOT.

I went out today and spoke to my neighbors as well. The two I could reach said they had NO problem with my dogs, and they are actually downwind of me. *we live at the base of the mountains, and the wind blows downhill only.. not up. The jerk lives two houses UP wind.* The husband of the neighbor lady across the street came over this evening *he is the one who was mentioned to hold a "position" in the community. (He does.. so to speak... hes a board member of the homeowners association) He was not happy in the least this guy drug his name into it. He said my dogs make so little noise he'd thought we'd gotten rid of them. HA!!!!!!

His take on a situation like this is to work with the victim (that would be us... he says this is harassment) and deal with the other person as the need arises. He's a super nice guy, and gave me a lot of info. He told me i have nothing to worry about at all and if someone comes to investigate a claim to send them to him. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

And for the record... my dogs didn't even bark when he rang the doorbell.
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Oh that's all EXCELLENT news.

I didn't think you had much to worry about, but you never know. It's a good thing you took charge of the situation before there could become a problem. Kudos for handling it all so well!
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Thats great Chrisanne! You got the right guy on your side! Especially since he thought your dogs were so quiet you had gotten rid of them! Great job handling it too!
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What exactly is the county ordinance? In NJ at least in Sussex county your dogs can not be outside barking before 6am and after 10 or 11pm (can't remember which). They also are considered a nuisance if the dog continues to bark for more than 30 minutes continuously. I think its pretty fair if you ask me. I think the main reason is not only to keep neighbors happy but it makes the pet owner become more responsible by making sure the dog is brought inside and not chained outside all day and night and that the dog is being taken care of. A nuisance barking is usually because of a neglegant owner not paying enough attention or caring for the dog.

I highly doubt you or your dogs are causing your jerk of a neighbor any grief other than he is ignorant and just doesn't get the whole animal thing. He needs to just deal with life. Joy, whiney neighbors. I thank the good powers that be that I am isolated from neighbors except my BIL and with him who really cares what he thinks
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Originally Posted by Dena
A nuisance barking is usually because of a neglegant owner not paying enough attention or caring for the dog.
Or in my case it's because my neighbor's dogs are allowed to bark non-stop and my dog jumps in and barks with them. It is SO hard to be responsible when no one else is. We hush Myrl but the temptation is there. "The other dogs are doing it!!!" And he's a horrible indoor dog. (The boy won't stop moving. He's all over the place.) Can't keep him indoors all the time, and sometimes he barks while inside too.
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Their supposed to get me a copy of the actual ordinance so we'll see what it says.

BUT... according to the animal control office any dog that barks for no apparent reason for more than 3-5 min straight is considered a nuisance.

Its funny though, that no one else has a prob but him. HMPH!! Fortunately they are on a schedule. Inside at night and have 5 outside times during the day/evening. I like routine for them. They don't bark never ending though... even I couldn't/wouldn't allow that.

BTW Dena... I think your regulations are VERY fair.
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