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My friend got an "Australian Cattle Dog" from the pound, and she is an adorable girl, about 1 year old. However, having been a stray, and not having come with papers, I am a little unsettled by the pound owners insisting on her breed. And I am wondering if that is even possible...she is pure white with some slight black spotting on the ears.

Any takers on this one?
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I got this...hope it helps

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I thought Australian Cattle Dogs were primarily a steel blue color... However, they're "insisting" on the breed is probably just the closest to a specific breed they think she is, and thats only what they do because that way, prospective adopters can do research on the breed and the breed characteristics. Its not always a 100% sure thing though.

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That's what I think, too. Thanks for backing me up. I just don't want her to get the wrong idea and make assumptions on her dog based on her "breed." I just think it is wrong for pounds to false advertise. The couple who bought her would have been just as happy with a "mixed breed," and it would have made the pound seem like a more reliable adoption source. So this is where my concern comes in. Also, I am kinda locally known as "the" dog person, lol, so I didn't want to let this go unsaid to her.
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that looks NOTHING like the austrailian cattle dogs i have seen.
but i can sorta see one in her
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hmmm ... My friend has a cattle dog... hes tan though... all the cattle dogs Ive seen have had alot more color along the body. And she looks kinda bulky in the snout like a cattle dog ... she might have some type of terrier in her it looks like. She is very pretty though... Im lovin the ears. hehe.
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My girlfriend does cattle dog rescue. Most have the bluish and/or reddish spot and speckles and coloration all over. She looks like she might be a mix of cattle dog and ? but I don't think she is pure.
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that dog does not look like an australian cattle dog to me at all. Australian cattle dogs have either blue or red (not tan) speckled markings all over. They can have a little bit of black spotting in their markings but they are prodominently blue or red.

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I have no idea what it is but it sture is pretty. I think it looks liek a mix breed to me!
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I would say definitely not a purebred. I know from experience that pounds arent a;ways even close. Here's why::: When we got Jake from the pound, they told us he was a neutered pit bull, shepard mix. Two weeks late, Jake escaped and ended up back at the pound. When I picked him up, they said he was unneutered shepard lab mix. I had to argue with them that he was mine. They kept saying "Well, are you sure he's fixed?" I explained that they are the ones that told me that. After extensive research, I've decided he is most likely a Rodesian Ridgeback/Harrier mix (and neutered LOL). Your best bet is just to research yourself. And, unless you are planning on breeding, papers and such shouldn't an issue. Good luck.
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Thanks everyone! She is not planning to breed, and Roxy is a total cutie! so, like I said, it doesn't technically matter. I just know the reason she bought her above the other dogs there is because her bf has always wanted and Australian Cattle Dog, and I didn't think that was fair for her to be disillusioned.
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