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Update on Tippy/Colleen

It has been an emotional weekend. Please keep us and Colleen in your thoughts. On Friday, I got a phone call from Laura (the foster) asking if we could find it in our hearts to give the dog back because she missed her so much. We talked for a long time, and I told her how happy Colleen was with us and how much we loved her. I told her that I would have to discuss it with Lucas. Not long after I got off the phone with her, animal control called me. The lady from animal control said that Laura had called 20 times that day to tell her she missed Tippy and wanted her back. They told me that I had to give her back and that Laura wanted her back that night when she got home from work.

I called Laura back and she said, "That was before I talked to you. I feel better about you having Tippy now that I know she's happy. If you want to give her back to me, I'd love to have her. But you don't have to." Yes, I do. I was ordered to by animal control.

When I took Colleen back to Laura's house, Laura kept asking me was I sure I wanted to do this, because she felt like she was taking Tippy away from a real family, with a mom, a dad and two brothers who all loved her very much. (Tippy cuddled with Tucker Thursday night and slept with her head on his back. They have become the best of friends.) By this time we were tired of being screwed around with and harrassed. Animal control was tired of being harrassed. Yes, I wanted Tippy. But I didn't want Laura calling me early the next morning to say she changed her mind again and wanted Tippy back. I told her to keep Tippy for the weekend to give herself time to make the decision without hurting anyone.

15 minutes after I left her house, she called me and told me she wanted me to come get the dog. She couldn't make the dog happy. She only wanted her back because she loves her and was worried about her. But now that she knew we were giving Tippy a good home, she wanted us to have her. After promising us and animal control she would keep Tippy as an inside dog, she said that she tried to take Tippy outside, and Tippy freaked out and didn't want to be outside. (Duh. I already told you that.) I was furious and wanted to go pick her up. But I held my ground and said keep her for the weekend, because if we take her back, I don't want to have to give her up again.

There is a wonderful woman at the South Louisiana Collie Rescue named Karen. I have spoken with Karen in the past about collies that needed to be rescued from kill shelters. But never about adoptions. They do home visits, and ask on their application if you have permission from your land lord to keep a dog. There's no way we would have been approved. But I had emailed her to tell her that we were the ones getting Colleen. She was so excited for me because she knew how much we wanted a collie. Why she never asked why I didn't want one from her, I don't know. They have a $175 adoption fee, versus $30-75 at animal contols. I'm guessing she assumed it was the cost.

She emailed me at 10:30 Friday night and told me that Laura had called her, crying about how she messed everything up for Tippy. She didn't want to keep the dog for the weekend like I asked her to. Instead of waiting to call me on Monday and offer me the dog back, she wanted to sign Tippy over to the collie rescue and let them find her a good home. She was so afraid of making the wrong decision that she wanted the rescue to find Tippy a family. She asked me if we wanted Tippy back.

I was furious that I made Laura promise to call me if she really truly didn't want the dog, and she called the rescue instead of waiting two days. I emailed Karen back and told her yes, I wanted Tippy. I didn't sleep all night. I kept thinking about Tippy sleeping on the cold, wet ground (I found out tonight that she slept inside last night, but spent all day today in the pen outside). I kept telling myself that if we get Tippy back, I don't ever want to give her up again.

At 6 am, I emailed Karen. Told her that I love Tippy and want her back more than anything. And that if I got her back, I didn't want to lose her again. And told her about the 'no dogs' policy and explained the best I could. I told her that if she was still willing to let us have Tippy, I wanted her. But if she couldn't give her to us, I understood.

Karen called me this morning and said something I never thought I'd hear. She said she felt she had gotten to know me well through our emails, and she knew how much we loved Tippy and felt we would give Tippy a good home. Some things are more important than whether or not you have a fenced in yard. She told me that if we were to apply to adopt a dog from them, she would probably approve us. She said she had talked to Laura and told her I wanted Tippy back if she wasn't going to keep her. Asked Laura if she wanted to sign the dog over to her and I would adopt it from the rescue, or if she felt comfortable giving the dog back to me directly. Laura said the second would be best for Tippy.

I went over this evening and got Colleen back. We all missed her so much and are happy to have her back. Please please please pray that Laura doesn't change her mind again. If, God forbid, she does, we are going to try to adopt a collie from the rescue. But I love Colleen and hope that things work out so we can keep her.

It's been a heck of a weekend, that's for sure. But Colleen is home, where she belongs. And that's all that really matters in the end, isn't it?
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Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you have her now, but I wish you hadn't gone through all of that mess. I hope she stays with you from now on and you don't have any more problems with Laura.
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She didn't even mention signing a contract this time. I think it just took her awhile to realize Colleen was happy with us. She wanted Colleen to be happy, and was nervous that she made the wrong choice. She did not seem nearly as nervous tonight as she did Weds (the first time I picked up Colleen). I am hoping that is a good sign.

Karen told me that if we have any problems (with Collen or with Laura) or questions to give her a call. I got the impression that she was planning to stay in touch with Laura and help her deal with missing the dog. I thought that was really nice of her. I think the fact that someone from the rescue also felt we would be good for Colleen makes Laura feel more comfortable, too.

I won't fully relax until I sign the adoption papers next week (the shelter had me sign a week long foster app and told me to come back and sign the adoption papers in a week), but I feel more positive this time around.

I will try and borrow Lucas' dad's digital camera so we can get some pictures. I tried to take some pics of her cuddling with Tucker, but our camera is great outside, but not so great inside. The pictures are so dark and fuzzy, you can barely see them.
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wow, you've been more than patient with that woman !! Colleen is lucky to have you for her family....I guess you never found a name other than Colleen the collie? Best wishes & lots of love to you & Colleen.
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That women has no business being a foster. She has put you thru h*ll and back. I think you said if she gives her back that you told her you will not give her back again. I just can't believe she did all that. Sounds sort of unstable if ya ask me. I hope Colleen gets to stay.
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Whew! So much stress!! That lady is crazy.

I hope everything stays going well. Can't wait to see pics of you guys with her.

Please keep us updated!

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I am so glad she is back home with you...I will keep you all in my thoughts...I hope this time its for good

Proud mommy to Ashley

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I had a feeling she was going to be like that. I'm so sorry she put you through all that. i would've fought the animal control and told them that she kept her outside and never spent time with her, but then again I can get pretty fiesty sometimes. lol
I'm so glad you were able to get her back and that the rescue is helping her deal with missing the dog. I hope all continues to go well.
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I've stated my feelings on this lady being a foster on your other threads, so I won't rehash. I'm sorry that the humans and and animals involved have had to have such an emotional time. Making Colleen be shuffled around like that...that lady is not right, and animal control is not right! Best of luck!
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Originally Posted by Puttin510
That women has no business being a foster.
I totally agree! Once the papers are signed through animal control I hope they no longer allow her to foster animals for them!

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Gosh, what an emotional roller coaster of a week. I hope this lady doesn't change her mind again.. It isn't good for Colleen to be going back and forth like that ... if she tries this again I would seriously go down to animal control and have a talk with them about how crazy this lady is and that she expects her to be an outside dog and how changing her mind is not good for the dog.
I think you need a big hug after this week.
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Originally Posted by Elvis Lee Mommy
:I guess you never found a name other than Colleen the collie?
Lucas won't budge, and since I named the last dog (Tucker), I'm going to give in and let him have his way.

I do hope that Laura is not allowed to foster again, but I won't hold my breath. She said once that she wanted to foster again, and the local animal control is desperate for fosters. As far as I know, they are the ONLY no kill animal control in the state. There are a lot of private, no kill shelters and rescue groups, but all of the other animal controls are all kill shelters. Baton Rouge animal control euthanizes about 85% of the animals they get, but once they decide to put an animal up for adoption, they never go back (unless they get sick). From looking on petfinder, I've noticed that alot of the other animal controls don't even do that. They give a dog/cat a certain amount of time to be adopted, and if they aren't adopted or taken in by a rescue group in that time, they are euthanized to make room for another animal. The animal control that Colleen comes from has well over 100 animals that they are searching for homes for. We went to look at a collie mix several weeks ago and they were saying that eventually, they all find homes. Sometimes it takes 2 years, but they never give up. They had one dog there that they had found a few weeks early, that they still hadn't been able to give shots to because she was so timid she wouldn't let anyone near her. But they are no kill, so she will stay at the shelter, or in foster care, until she is socialized and ready for a home. They have more animals than any other place I've seen, so I understand they are desperate. But I still don't think it's right to allow just anyone to foster. Especially not without councelling them and guiding them through the proccess.

It's noon, and I haven't gotten any calls from Laura, so it seems like she is adjusting better this time. She should be getting a letter in the mail tomorrow or Tuesday that I sent out on Friday morning (before I knew we had to give Colleen back) that talks about how well she's doing, how much we love her and how happy she is. I am hoping that will reassure her that she made the write choice. I'll continue to send letters often for the first few weeks, so that Laura is always reassured that Colleen is well. After the first few weeks, I'll drop it down to occaisonal letters. I think as long as she knows Colleen is happy, she'll be okay. At least, I hope I am right.

Thank you all for your kind words, hugs, and support for the past several days. It has been very much appreciated.
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I'm so glad you haven't heard from her since. Colleen is so much better off with you guys (no matter what her name is)!

Oh and............pics, please!

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Pics coming soon, I promise! Our digital camera isn't very good, so I'm going to borrow Lucas' dad's camera when I get a chance. I tried to get a pic of Colleen cuddling with Tucker on Thursday night, but it didn't come out too great. Dark and grainy.
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Odd, Lucas (who is a computer technician) installed a beta/pre-release (or whatever you call it) of Window's Vista on the computer to see if he liked it, and I've been having trouble with the photoediting softwear. I keep trying to crop pictures or lighten/brighten them, and it keeps saying it can't save the changes. This one sure looks lighter than it did before. Either photobucket lightened it for me, or Vista's photo editing did find away to save it. It's still not great, but at least you can actually see Ein.

You can really tell how grainy our camera is in pictures with better light. btw, Colleen looked up on her own when she heard the camera turn on. Somehow she seems to know that you are supposed to smile for the camera. The thing she is sitting on is called a Sumo. It's a large bean bag that we ordered online that is bigger, more comfortable, and (usually) holds a shape better than traditional bean bags. We bought it for us, but the dogs love it, too.

Better pics coming as soon as I can borrow that camera.

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