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Warning About Chokers *GRAPHIC*

If you have a weak stomach please do not read on, but if you have two dogs and you use chokers it may be vital. Especially if they have that "Cute" way of playing tug of war with the others collar.

My Dad just called me yest and told me he just lost his 10 mo old German Shorthair on Fri, that is 3 dogs and 1 cat all under 2 years he has lost (Old age). I have never heard of a dog dying in the way Daisy did, my dad is devastated. Here is what happened:

My Dad keeps Misty (Dobe, 6mo) and Daisy (German shorthair) in the kitchen behind a baby gate when they leave. My stepmom had to leave for work at 2:30 and all was fine. My dad got home at 4 and found poop and pee sprayed everywhere, the walls and the counters even. My dad started to get mad but when he walked around the corner he saw Daisy attached to Misty's mouth and her tounge was hanging out and blue. Misty and Daisy always wrestle together, one dog will grab the other dogs collar and tug on it. Both dogs had Chokers on, so when they started playing this time Daisys collar got stuck between Misty's back molar and her canine. Daisy must have gotten frightened and started to roll and twist. Every time she rolled her choker tightened, it tightened so much that it ripped out Misty's back Molar. It was still stuck on her canine tho. When my dad found them he couldnt get the choker un hooked from Misty, he had to pick up daisy's body and roll her 4 or 5 times to get it loosened enuf. Misty has a huge cut on her mouth now, and she has been sleeping every day for about 20hrs. My dad said Misty was petrified he had to carry her outside. My dad tried to use CPR on Daisy but it was to late.

My dad and my stepmom have no kids together, there dogs are their kids. They both are devastated and heart broken. I have NEVER heard of a dog dying in this way and neither had their vet. I have heard of choking on fenches, porches, etc., but never this. So please be careful if you have dogs that like to play like this, it could cost them their lives. My dad kept saying over and over "Why couldnt this of happened while I was home, so I would have known not to leave a collar on".
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Oh my gosh!! I am so so sorry this happened! I couldn't image the pain & grief your dad is feeling right now.

It is a good warning for others though you are right.
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OMG, I have never liked those choker collars and this just gives me one more reason.
Please give your dad and step mom our condolences
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OMG .. I'm so sorry for your loss ....
Please know that is NOT only chokers that can cause this.
Back in Chicago Tabitha and Scooby were playing around and Scooby got his mouth wrapped around Tabitha's harness, and I was alone having to take 2 dogs that were tangled together, into the bathroom where the scissors were Scooby had the harness twisted around his bottom jaw including his teeth. Luckily for them, I was able to keep them calm enough to cut off the harness and properly remove it from scooby's mouth.
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OMG that is the saddest thing ever. I'm so very sorry.

Please, please, please remember everyone that "choke" collars are TRAINING collars and were never meant to be left on all the time. I've heard of dogs tied out on the back deck strangling themselves with these collars.

Regular collars can be dangerous but not as much... my dobe used to grab my schnauzer by her collar and swing her around so it was removed while in the house. I have heard of two corgi's getting stuck on each others collars.
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That is awful! I'm so sorry that happened.
Chokers are indeed a training tool and should ONLY be on a dog when walking on a leash or during training sessions. As soon as training or a walk is finished, the choker is supposed to be removed as is the leash.
I've never heard of that particular thing happening but it is a good warning to others that accidents can happen even when confined to a room in the house. My cousin's neighbor's dogs got freaked out a few years ago when a hot air balloon passed over their house and no one was home. The dogs (Airdales) crashed through the sliding glass doors in their fear and one of them got his choker caught on the door handle strangling him to death. It was a horrific scene.
Thanks for the warning and reminder to other pet owners that chokers should never be left on a dog
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awww thats so sad i don't keep dogs but i can imagine the pain it caused i'm so sorry
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I feel for your parents.
I would be devestated to come home to that.
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That is so sad. I am so sorry for the loss of their beloved pet.

Thank you for sharing that story in hopes of educating others.
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I'm so sorry about your dads dog. I don't use chokers but like someone else said it doesn't have to be chokers to get caught. My two were playing and Mandys collar got stuck in Laceys mouth. Mandys collar was then very tight but thank God I managed to get it undone.
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That's so sad . I'm sorry for your dad's loss. My boyfriend has a dog and I would never let him use a choke chain. I just don't think it's right, even if she's really bad at walks. Know that this also includes cat collars that are not safety release ones. My cat almost choked on one. We had to cut it off with scissors because we couldn't get it off.
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That's horrible. I'm so sorry...
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That is soo terrible...I am sooo sorry. I couldnt imagine coming home to that. My friend had her dog's regular collar get caught in the blinds string or something once when they werent home cuz it liked to sit on the back of the couch and ended up strangling itself somehow I dont really know the details. But its definately a good warning and makes you think twice about that kind of thing.
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Is it not good to leave a collar on the dog when you leave it alone then?

*getting worried*

My cats do not wear collars at all
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wow, im so sorry. i've never heard of anything like that happening.. i cant imagine how your parents are feeling.....

although...i personally dont think there is anything wrong with those collars... my huskies wear them and we've never had any problems.. my moms dog has one too.. JMO but regular collars look dumb on my dogs so there choke collar is their only collar
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