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Warning signs

I work with a woman whose son, girlfriend and two daughters live with the son's best friend and pitbull (he has had since it was 6 weeks old) in one apartment. Apparently, the other day the 11 year old girl was supposedly simply petting the pit and he turned around and bit her in the face. It's pretty bad and she had to be medivaced to a hospital in Mass.

My co-worker says her son said the pit is the sweetest thing and there have never been any issues. However, when my co-worker pressed him he said "well he has growled at visiting children before by never the kids that live there that he knows of." My co-worker and I feel this was a missed warning sign that things were not all well.

It really doesn't matter that this storey included a pitbull. This could happen with any breed whether it is a golden, shihtzu etc. What do you all think? Could this of been prevented or not?
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Yes, it could have been prevented. The dog obviously had issues with kids already. The owner should have kept the dog separated from the girl, in a separate room, outside, definitely a physical barrier.
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I think they should seek a behaviourist. If they missed that warning what other warnings are they missing? Hopefully this is his only problem but it doesn't sound like they would be able to read other signs. A behaviourist, traning, and lots of controlled socialization should help but I think they need to hear it all from a behaviourist you know, so they understand the seriousness of it!

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I agree with Carmen...they need to seek a behaviorist in order to learn to recognize when things aren't well with the dog. The dog may have bit her for any number of reasons from being in pain in the area she was petting from something else, it could have been feeling ill....dogs generally don't bite for no reason. It's also possible another child had done something to the dog at one point causing it not to trust children. Definetly seek a behaviorist to try to find the root of the problem and remedy it
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Well unfortunately things are out of my hands. The girl was seriously injured enough to stay in the hospital for a few days. Her face was severely bitten. I don't thing she can go back home with the dog there for emotional reasons. I think they may euthanize or try to find a relative with no kids to take it. Everyone is very emotional at the moment but it would be very difficult to for them to trust this dog in the home after this incident.

I just wish people would understand the warning signs that dogs give off and to beware of what is going on between the pets in the house and the children.

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That's so sad for everyone involved I hope the little girl heals up quickly.

I agree, people need to learn to read their dogs behavior, no matter how subtle it is. That way, tragedies like this could be prevented.
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