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I have a toy poodle and an australian shepherd/redbone coonhound x.
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I have a 6 year old Schipperke. He acts more like a cat! I love him lots but I would rather have a dog that acts more dog-like.

I had a female Rottweiler and male boxer at the same time. They were wonderful!They were my babies before I had children. They have both passed on now. I miss them everyday. The Rottie was my best friend in the world. I felt a part of my soul go when she died.
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Little female Maltese.. soon to have a new sister too.
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The most I've ever had was two. I only have Cledus now(pic below), my mutt dog, lol. The adoption clinic said Boxer mix, but I don't see any Boxer in him at all. So, at first we saw St. Bernard due to his coloring, but he is WAY to small to be a Bernard. (darn it!)
My previous dog was a Collie, Sara. She was 11 when she left us. She was the best doggie ever!
I want a Newfoundland!!!
And I have also had several orphaned mutts, that either I found or Dad saved. Which they never said long. Just long enough to get better then they were off again.
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I have a lab/rot mix. Her name is Sweetie. The most dogs I've had at one time is three. And someday I'd love to have a miniature Schnauzer
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We have 2 beautiful babies. A full bred rottie named Justice that is a big lovable weeny and we love her to death. The thing that I think most amazed us about her is her extreme smartness. She learned all her tricks and commands so very quickly and is just so smart and awesome and the big baby of the family. Then we just adopted a full bred Dalmatian named Miranda that is so wearing me out already. She is also very smart and quick to learn and already knows what no means so I guess we have begun well...lol! She is extremely high spun when she is not sleeping, it is and on and off thing and boy we just have to be prepared when she is ready to wake up and start going....! Justice keeps her busy though and vice versa...they wear each other out! Whew and me too...!!!
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I have a blacklab/german short haired pointer cross, she is 6 1/2
years old. She is the biggest sweetheart and the best family dog ever She weighs 70 pounds. We adopted her from a pound 100 miles away from where we live when she was 3 months old. She was found in a ditch along side a road almost froze to death in -10 degrees weather. Poor baby.

I also have a blacklab/newfoundland cross. She is a doll! She is 5 months old and is still a naughty little girl She loves to chew on everything she can sink her teeth into. She weighs 55 pounds right now and is growing like a weed. We adopted her from a local humane society in our city. She loves her big sister and actually imitates everything she does, even the bark

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I have two jack russell terrier boys and one jack russell terrier cross, girl and I love them very much. They do drive me nuts of course but they're my darlings!

I intend one day, to adopt a retired greyhound!
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Loopy AppleNose
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I have a mutt He was supposed to be a mix between a poodle and a pappilon, but I'm not sure. He looks a lot like a pappilon.
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What do you have? What breeds have you owned? What's the largest number of dogs you have owned at one time? What breed would you like to have someday?

okay, I currently have my dog cami (pronounced Cam-EE) lol. She is a Pemborke welsh Corgi/ American eskimo mix. I have owned a dobermen, rotties, black lab and probably some im leaving out.. umm the largest number would have to be... 3.. I want to own a rottie because i grew up with them.. and maybe a pittbull..?? i dont know yet.. i just know that it will be more that one.. hehe :beam:
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For 14 wonderful years I had a blue merle rough collie...my darling Felix. After I had to part with him (and even though I said no more dogs!) I ended up adopting Binky from a human society. Binky is a purebred lhasa apso and had just turned 4 when I brought her home. I've had her for two years now, maybe a bit longer, and couldn't imagine life without her. She truly is my angel. Out other family dogs include my son's two dogs..Kipper-dog, a black lab mix that was abandoned when he was a tiny fat puppy on a dark country road and Mickey, a purebred blind-in-one-eye shetland sheepdog....he's gorgeous. When something catches his attention and his ears prick forward and upward, he'll steal your breath away.
My other precious babies(besides my 4 two-legged human babies) are my ratties. I had five but with the recent loss of one of my girls and her sister a few months ahead of her, I've now down to three and dread the thought of losing these one day too.
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And here I am again, showing my butt!
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I have a chicken in a dog suit!! She's a schnauzer/cocker mix and is so well mannered. Even as a puppy she never chewed on anything. She is spoiled rotten to the core. She will be 14 next month.
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Oh my goodness, she's lovely, spottypoo! She doesn't look 14 in that pic..what a doll!

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And here I am again, showing my butt!
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Thank you!! I'll be sure and tell her.

She may not look/act like she's 14, but she's having liver and kidney troubles right now. We spent most of yesterday at the vet's office getting an ultrasound of her abdomen and a liver biopsy. She was none too thrilled about that...
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I tried to take a picture of my girls to post here but they wouldn't cooperate.

My newest and most spoiled is Sascha - a shih tzu who is a bit over a year old (maybe 18 months?). Oh, she is awful! If she can't see me in the house she starts screaming and howling. Of course I love her dearly, but she is rotten. I got her from a breeder in KY because I had seen many of this lady's dogs and they are all great looking.

Then I have the two Cavaliers. Wallis is having some eye problems right now - I had been told that her "little" eye may have to be removed some day, but I hope we aren't there. Then Tibby, who is absolutely Bubba's. She's my puppy mill rescue, abused by a woman, so she doesn't have much to do with me unless he isn't around.

Most dogs I've lived with? Either 4 or 6 (isn't that bad, I can't even remember). When we were all together we had Erin's doxie and Golden along with Wallis and my first shih tzu, then acquired another shih tzu and a Jack Russel/Shih Tzu cross but we found other homes for them.

Dream dog? I love Goldens. But I'm really not a big dog person. I think I've reached that "no more after these" point in my life, but we all know how easy those words are to eat!


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