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Your dog is adorable. I used to have a Husky/Collie cross as a child. Boy, that dog could howl, lol! Her name was Princess, and she was a fun-loving dog. I recall being able to crawl all over her. Her main problem was that she could escape from our back yard, and we had several acres for her to run around in!

I'm glad you're taking the time to work with her.
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I have a sheltie and he howls when I leave the house lol!
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Chinchilla girl, no to the song lions in the jungle, sorry,
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Thanks All

I looked up the standard for both Chow's and Siberian Huskies in the AKC. The ears for the Chow said "Disqualifying Fault--Drop ear or ears. A drop ear is one which breaks at any point from its base to its tip or which is not carried stiffly erect but lies parallel to the top of the skull." So Gryphon did not get his floppy ears form any possible Chow in him. It said pretty much the same thing for the Husky side, so no luck there either.

What was said about the Husky tail was "The well furred tail of fox-brush shape is set on just below the level of the topline, and is usually carried over the back in a graceful sickle curve when the dog is at attention." So Huskies do carry their tails over their backs.

The sizes for both breeds are, Chow, "Square in profile and close coupled. Distance from forechest to point of buttocks equals height at the highest points of the withers." and for the Husky, "Dogs, 21 to 23 inches at the withers. Disqualification--Dogs over 23 inches." Gryphon is 25" at the wither and 27" from chest the buttocks.

So he is bigger than both and his ears fit neither. His tail fits for both. The only black inside of his mouth is the roof of his mouth, and from what I have heard, that could come from anywhere. I also looked up Malamute, and the only input it gave is that they are the same height but a little heavier.

I'm lost. Gryphon can run full out and forever. The way he talks to the family is sort of a whinny non-threatening low growl. He only barks when another dog walks by on his street. Or when he is really excited. He lets Jack's duck groom him, loves the cats, can defiantly sneak around the household. One of his beat tricks is stalking fish. We have a small wading pool in the back yard that the duck uses. About every week or three I get 20 or so feeder goldfish for the duck. Gryphon is absolutely hysterical to watch catching some of the fish . He is also a better mouser than the cats.

I may never find out what breeds that he has in him, but we love him and can't wait for this puppy stage to end. We are also looking for a MUCH smaller companion for him to have when we cant be home or take him with us. Thank you to everyone for the suggestions!
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My dog's about 90% grey wolf...when he howls it makes the hair on your back stand up...it's very "pretty", though. Only does it when there's a siren going off nearby. He hates fire trucks (big and noisy).
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my Australian Sherd howled
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rotts howl.
i grew up with them, my family breeds them
every night they would wake us up howling!
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I don't know if he is part wolf but I LOVE his ears. lol, its cute, they look like wings or something. He is a very handsome dog!
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I have a long hair chihuahua! And if the fire alarm goes off in our condo...he howls....it's actually quite cute to see this little 5 lbs thing howl with his head up and all!!! Like a miniature wolf!
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I had a husky that weighed 40 pounds (kinda on the small size) He would howl, and you could actually talk to him. You could ask him questions and he would howl back at you. I would howl with him and it would be like we were having a conversation. He was definitely husky but the vet had to say he was a mix because I didn't have papers (he was a rescue)

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I think that dogs howl because of the two main reasons: first it is inherited from their ancestor wolf and second i find in it something spiritual and mysterious a kind of a prayer to God possibly.
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