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I have a pure bred dalber-dore (dalmationXblack lab) well, he's bratty as a "full blood" prince anyway... he was rescued from a orginization called H.A.R.T. homeless animal rescue team, here in laX, at the age of four weeks. he had been on dry dog food for at least a week. amazing he surived, his mom was a dalmation who was also adopted from hart. on morning her family woke up (about a month after they got her) and she had 4 squirmy pups nursing her! well her and her family got really sick of the pups soon (for one thing their dalmations, and if you've even known one you'll know what I'm talking about, and another thing, they didn't want the pups and were having a hard enough time adjusting to the new dog as it is) so they gave hart the pups at three weeks, and they were already weaned. this was about a week after my beloved Black Jack had to be put to sleep (worst thing I've ever had to do) because he was dying from lymes disease, my dad blames himself because he didnt catch on to the illness quick enough, anyway, my mom contacted hart and we adopted louis (pernounced louie) and he was a surprise for my dad. most people say it was too soon, but it definately helped the grieving porcess.
I'm curently trying to talk my parents into another dog, they both love dogs, we can financialy, physicaly, and mentaly care for a second dog. we have a good size house and a huge back yard, we will definately give it enough attention, Louis is spoiled rotten... and we could save a dog's life in adopting it!!!
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Wink Poodlessss

We have 3 poodles + 2 poodles with my brother in law.

Camila was the first one, my father got her on a great breeder close to home, she had pups and we kept Franky with us, and give Tincho to my brother in law. All are white toy poodles, beatifull, inteligent, all you know a poodle is.

Later on, and with less than 1 month of diference, we received Loli as a gift, and my brother in law boght Obi at the same breeder my father got Camila 8 years before.

So the entire family loves poodles.
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Everyone's stories are great. Thanks y'all for sharing.

My baby boy Elvis Lee is 1/2 poodle (mother) & 1/2 maltese (father).

We needed this kind of mix due to family member's allergies.

After Months of searching shelters & rescue centers, we could not find a pup that fulfulled our need. Most of the pups there where of "unknown origin", we could only guess at the breed/mix. I was very reluctant to adopt a furbaby, fall in love only to have to give it up if my family was allergic. That would have been very unfair to the puppy.

So after a while, I researched breeders & many of them were byb's/pm's so I abruptly left. I Finally found a wonderful breeder about 140 miles from here. He screens the people who buy his pups & turns many people away. He also keeps in touch with the families who have one of his dogs. He treats all his dogs like they are his children. We were extremely lucky to find him & our puppy. Lee (the breeder) has now become a good friend of ours.

if you'd like to visit his website (& see more pics of Elvis Lee - he's featured on his website, cause I am the webmistress of the site...lol) you can visit.... www.alohapuppies.com
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Guarded by Waffles
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I have a pit bull mix named Panda. I got her from the neighbor down the street because she kept following me home so the neighbor just ended up giving her to us.

I have an australian shepherd, blue heeler mix named Waffles. I got him when I moved to Amarillo to be with James, my fiance. He, Waffles, was being kept on a six foot chain and had no attention given to him. I brought him into the house to live because I missed my animals and new he needed someone to love him and I had lots of love to give. He then was moved down with me and James when we went to live with my parents. James mom owned Waffles but gave him to James because she hoped he would have a better life with me and James than he would if he stayed in Amarillo.

Mommy to:
2 cats: Suess and Jezebel
2 horses: Winter and Junior
3 dogs: Panda, Maggie, Snoopy

And the rest:
5 cows, a bull and one mean buffalo

Gone but not forgotten:
Jester, cat
Waffles, dog
Gunny, ferret

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I have an almost-12 (in November) year old Border Collie named Sioux who is extremely smart and extremely grumpy.
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Aspires to Stupidity
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I have a female doberman/sheppard, she'll be 1 year on September 4th.

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the only purebred dog we have is my sister's mini dachshund,Sydney.
Molly is half lab and half we have no idea, but shes a mutt.
we don't know exactly what June-Bug is, we think maybe Viszla/Greyhound and something else.
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im a nanny to 21 show collies, 19 champions in that bunch.
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Originally Posted by ratty_ratkins
im a nanny to 21 show collies, 19 champions in that bunch.
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PIT BULL HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lets see Troy's story can take awhile i work at a humane shelter and thats where i got him from he was at the shelter for 3 years (1 year at my shelter and 2 years at anohter shelter) he was in a crulity case that took 2 and a half years (poor dogs) there were 22 dogs in the case it was a case of neglect and abuse after the case was over he was for adoption for 6 months the judge said that none of the 22 dogs could be put to sleep (a good and bad thing depending on the way your looking at it) i live in an apartment that i can only have one dog due to the size i loved Troy but allready had a yellow lab named Spunky who i LOVED (and miss) dearly he however got cancer and had to be put to sleep 2-3 weeks later i couldn't live without a dog and i cryed everyday so i took Troy home and he's been here ever since. he's doing good and loves everyone although he's still got scares (not mentally but physiclly) all over his body and he's missing half his tounge.
Troys humane shelter pictures

ok that wasn't too bad lol.
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Well, my first love was the Borzoi. However, I've shared most of my life (16 years) with English Springer Spaniels. After nearly 10 years of being dogless, I'm hoping to add a new puppy to my family this coming Winter
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We currently have rat terriers- and a ridgback x and a gsb/pit x. Lotta Aussies and dachsunds on here, huh?
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I have a "Poxador"(pitbull, bpxer, labrador mix) she's about 4 months old. My husband and I got her on our anniversary, thus she is called Annie

Here's some pics of her:
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Sorry, pic didn't show up, let me try again:

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Let's see... I actually have two dogs, male minpin who was adopted from a local pet store and my chihuahua from a private breeder/friend of the family. My Minpin(Prince) was given to me as a wedding present from my now ex-husband and I love him like he's my child. We've been through our ups and downs with medical problems and even behavioral problems, but I wouldn't trade having him for the world. My chihuahua(Amy) was an aniversary present to myself. I watched her being born and knew I had to have her asap, she's the youngest of my two babies. I love both of my dogs, they have character.. they are the brightest part of my day when I come home from work, having them here makes life more bearable. But my next dog will be a bigger breed, I'm shooting for a Great Dane =)
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