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What's your dog's IQ?

Just a small test I found on the net. I thought it might be neat to see how other dogs score compared to Phoenix.


Phoenix got 22 points.

Test 1 - 10 secs
Test 2 - 14 secs
Test 3 - She payed no attention, just kept staring at me blankly, lol
Test 4 - 13 secs
Test 5 - 2 secs, lol.
Test 6 - She comes to any word in the same tone

How did your dog do?
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Ok... I'm doing this with Odie...

Test 1 = 9 seconds
Test 2 = 8 seconds till he pulled his head out of the towel, but kept walking with it over his back for over a minute... not really paying attention to it. I did it for a second time, and took it off in 2 seconds. I don't really know how to score this one...
Test 3 = I couldn't do this one... I tried in my room, but he kept following me and sitting between my legs... I tried in my sister's room, but she kept talking to me and Odie even though I told her I was trying to do a test and told her what it was about... and I tried in the living room, but a dog outside kept barking so he went to bark back at the dog, and then when he saw me looking at me, he went to me and begged to get on my lap... total failure...
Test 4 = 10 seconds
Test 5 = He sniffed around the makeshift table for a minute and then looked at me. I think he was afraid of the table I made, cause I've seen him paw and retrieve things from under the kitchen cabinet....
Test 6 = This was to funny... I called refrigerator and he looked at me moving his head to one side... then I called movies and he looked at me moving his head to the other side... then I called his name and he moved his head further to the other side... I called his name for a second time and he moved his head to the other side slightly then ran to me... LOL
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Zeus got 21 points and Nikki got 25 points
They both got 15 - 25 points....Your dog is smart, but won't go to Harvard
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I'll do this test on Dina as soon as I go to see my mum in spain ^^
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