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Who else has dogs with allergies?

I posted a week or so ago that Ein's allergies have been acting up really bad, despite the fact that he is on benadryl. The vet gave us some temaril p to reduce the itching, but his front legs are covered in scabs and small thin patches of fur that he chewed out. Even with the temaril p, he is chewing and licking his front legs. Last night his eyes were red and wet and he was being cuddly instead of grumpy because he wasn't feeling well. I hate when my baby is sick.

Does anyone have a dog who is on daily prescription allergy medication? If so, what medication and is it expensive?
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My Dalmatian has allergies. Her paws, ears, 'back-end' and private area costantly irritate her. The vets aren't much help, all they give us is stuff for her ears which don't seem to make any difference, we've been given nothing for her bum areas, and I'm not sure what stuff her paws get done in.. will have to ask my mum. Fortunately, she isn't that bad at the moment. I, too want to know what else we can try!

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Odie is a bit allergic too, but he's not on prescription drugs. Last time I went with him to the vet, he had a big hotspot on his back. Dr. gave him a shot of Depo-Medrol for the allergy, and baytril and Pen-G as antibiotics (cause it was infected). His ears were also irritated, and Dr. gave me an ear wash with Dexamethasone in it, which has helped greatly. Since I've been cleaning his ears with it, his ears are normal and he rarely itches. Dr. also reccomended me to change foods to z/d, which is an hipoallergenic prescribed diet. I read around and asked around, and decided to try other hipoallergenic food, since z/d apparently is not too tasty for them. Today, I'm going to buy a bag of pro-plan formula for sensitive skin and stomach, which is made with salmon, and does not contain corn. If that fails, I'm going to see if the vet can order me d/d which is also an hipoallergenic food, and if that also fails, then I'm going with z/d.
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We thought Elvis Lee had food allergies cause he was scratching more than normal. We had the Vet test him & to our surprise, No Food Allergies. Turns out, he has environmental allergies to dust, pollen & mold. We have to bathe him in a prescrip shampoo & leave in conditioner weekly. We also have to wipe him down when he comes in from outside.
Have you considered having your baby allergy tested?
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I've thought about it, but our vet seems fairly confident that it's outdoor allergies, so I haven't taken the plunge and paid for the testing yet (it's extremely expensive here. The testing and serum cost almost $400, plus the cost of the appointment on top of it). He has been on all different types of foods, and is on Pro Plan for Sensitive Skin and Stomach now (all 3 of our dogs have allergies and Tucker also has a sensitive stomach and brittle nails). The only part of his body that he chews on is his feet/legs, so we're pretty sure that it's pollen and/or grass that he is allergic to.

Eventually, I do want to get him allergy testedso that we have a better idea of exactly what it is that bothers him, but unfotunatley, I can't do it just yet. One of the tires on my car has a slow leak and needs to be replaced. All 4 tires are going to be bald/in need of replacement by the end of the year and it is cheaper/easier to order them and get them put on all at once, so my next pay check is already spent on tires, flea & heartworm prevantive (we're out and need it before I'll get the following paycheck), gas for the car, and rent.

I saw a shampoo that I want to try at the vet's office, but didn't have enough money to pick it up when I got his temaril prescription. I saw it at Petsmart for a lot cheaper, so when I get paid on Wednesday, I'm going to pick some up for him.
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It's hard when you have sooo many expenses at once.

When you get the shampoo, check out the leave in conditioners with cortisone in them, using that helps Elvis a Lot.

You might want to check with the Vet again. Mine told me that the serums are expensive but will only need to be made If EL's allergies are severe enough to warrant it. She said most of her allergic animal patients do Not need the serums.

I live in the southeast & the testing cost us about $250.00 for both food allergy & environmental allergy testing. Maybe they can quote you a price without the serum.

I hope your baby is feeling better soon.
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Thanks, I'll check with the actual vet on the price. I asked the vet tech that was ringing me up for Ein's prescription, and she didn't say that the serum wasn't always necessary.

Thanks for letting me know about the conditioner, I'll look for it!
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boy do i hear you about everything, the expenses, the dog with allergies. player our beagle has allergies that just worsen with age. i saw your posts about the pro plan so we picked some up this weekend to see if that will help him. the benadryl doesn't seem to do anything. we also bought aveeno anti itch and that seems to help. a couple of weeks ago he came out by us after being in the other room and he had a bald patch about the size of a golf ball and it was bleeding. he had pulled his hair out. my heart just stopped and i wanted to cry i felt so bad. his backside and private areas bother him too. now that it is getting colder it is getting better but i am glad to see my dog isn't the only one in this situation. thank-you so much for posting this thread cause i was feeling like the worst doggy mom in the world.
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It's odd that the allergy testing is so incredibly expensive. It's about half that here to run the full kit-n-kaboodle! I believe our clinic price is $250 total for complete allergy testing. Have you asked your vet about the possibilty of using prednisone for the itching or switching food to a venison and potato or duck and potato? What about allergy shots? Before you go spend a ton of money on "maybe this will help" you really should have him allergy tested so you will know exactly what to avoid and what to treat for. As for shampoos, I would go with a malseb or aloe and oatmeal shampoo and not bathe him more than once a month at most. Too much bathing can seriously irritate the skin. Also, because of skin allergy issues, be sure to rinse throughly and don't use any conditioners on him.
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I'm sorry you're having a tough time with his allergies.

A new vet at the office I go to tried to tell me that Mirra had allergies because of her frequent ear infections and constant foot licking (to the point where they would bleed). She wanted me to switch foods and treats and try different things. She even suggested I take Mirra to an allergy specialist downstate. I tried to tell her it wasn't an allergy and she insisted it was. I bought some bitter apple spray and put it on Mirra's feet and she stopped licking. It's more of an obsessive thing for her. Someone also recommended cleaning her ears with a diluted vinegar solution to help control the ear infections. We do that once a week and then use Zymox Otic (without hydrocortisone) a few times a week and she has no more ear infections. If we slide and don't do a weekly ear cleaning then we notice them starting to get red and she'll dig at them.

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My GSD Abbie has skin allergies and we've had good luck with Maleseb shampoo.

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My 18 month old Golden Labrador has allergies to dust mite and grain mite, the result being constant ear infections and feet chewing.

I had the blood tests done recently to identify the cause - luckily we have pet insurance.

I have changed his food from a cereal based dry food to a rice based dry food, which should help to reduce his exposure to the grain mite.

But as for dust mites - we don't have carpet in any areas where Leo goes so not quite sure how I can elimate dust mites any more.

I am currently trying some homeopathic treatment to see if that helps.

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bitter apple spray, dry food, ear infection, ear infections, elvis lee, vet tech

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