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So I have this great dog, got him from the shelter last march and he is a very good dog, he was apparently crate trained and knows how to sit and stay and give paw and everything...beautiful great husky...but THEN he decided that it would be a great idea to start peeing on rugs, but only on rug, he has a whole wood floor and everything but will run into the living room and use something in there. He had been living in philly with my bf for a few months and their they only had rug so i am not sure if that is the problem...but I waswondering if anyone knew why this was so. I am also curious he has a problem having to go in the middle of the night is there a way to keep him from getting up?
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When I was a child and lived at home my parents had the same problem w/there dog. Is your dog peeing in the same spots? Because our dog would, because he was marking his spots on the rug where to go. My mom would have to have the rugs steam cleaned every now and then to get the scent out.
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A few things -

You said you got the dog last March so the dog should be old enough to hold it over night. Also, he is going in the same spot on the rug because it smells like pee there and he likes it.

To clean the rug you need to probably steam clean it and use an odor neutralizer specifically for dog pee (Nature's Miracle, etc).

Most of all - sounds like your dog needs to be crated. You said he's crate-trained, but are you using the crate? He shouldn't need to go out in the middle of the night, so if he needs to, you should maybe see a vet. It could be a UTI or something.

Also, I would read the Sticky Articles here in the dogs section to brush up on potty training. You should be taking him out on a leash, etc and praising him when he goes outside (like a puppy).

Cool job on getting a shelter dog! Hope it works out. Let me/us know if you need more help.

I'm sure that others have more advice and remember something I've forgotten.

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We recently adopted a rescue dog and she is having the same problem. When Molly was at her foster mum's house she only had one accident (from nerves) and that was it. Her foster mum has hardwood floors which is interesting because when we got her, she has urinated on our carpet a few times. I have heard some dogs liken carpeting to grass but I don't know if that is true. Our carpeting was just professionally cleaned too. I am crate training her and taking her out as much as possible. I also take her out right before she goes to bed so her bladder is pretty much empty when she goes to bed. I also take away water around 9 pm. I would crate your dog in the evening so the dog doesn't have a chance to roam the house and pee.

Nature's Miracle is a wonderful product and I highly recommend using it!
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my dog does this too sorta, my shepherd will piss on the carpet in the office. same spot all the time. weve steam cleaned used all cleaning products but she still does it. its not UTI because we checked. we think shes scared or mad at us or something?????
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my little dog Penny was in abad situation when we got her (long story) and had never touched anything...I mean ANYTHING except linolium...so she had a hard time peeing on anything else when I got her...it took me a long time but shes all better now

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It could be due to the fact that at some point he was paper trained. A lot of people that have a paper trained dogs and area rugs find that the dogs tend to see the area rugs as pee pads. I can't remember who told me that. My friend had a male dog that used to pee all over the place and it turned out to be marking due to nerves. She tried walking him in new places for about 10 minutes a couple times a day so he could mark on all new places. That worked. He had so many other problems on top of every thing and he just passed away last year
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i'm sorry to hear that...thank you all for such fast and great responses I am going to have to try some of these things and hopefully they will work. I'll keep everyone informed.
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