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I guess this is where we're reminded they are still 'animals' not humans like we try to make them!
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We have a few in our house that love it too much we have the cat boxes with lids and still they manage to get their big heads in there and pop the lids right off.....we now have converted our long wide hall way into the cat area, that is where the litter boxes are lined up, and seeing as we have a door to the hall we just put a baby gate across it, this allowing the cats to come and go and at the same time keeping the dogs out.
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I keep the litter boxes in the basement... where the dog can't get to them. So gross!

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They also eat their own. The best solution to stool eating, coprophagy, is cleaning them up before the dog has a chance. I don't know if the food food additives, the home remedies pineapple juice or canned pumpkin or the commercial products Forbid or Deter are good for cats.

Why dogs do it is poorly understood. It may be diet related, but changing the dog's diet might cause worse problems. Whatever problems it causes for the owner, it doesn't seem to hurt the dog unless you are trying to clear up a worm infestation.

For more information see http://home.gci.net/~divs/behavior/coprophagia.html
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