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My siberian huskies had 5 puppies. Everything was going well until the 5th week when the puppies start throwing up and diarhea. The worst part was that they had "WORMS"!!!!!!!!! Scared, I rush to buy an over the counter liquid dewormers. I gave all of them the dewormer, even though the label says DON"T DE-WORM puppies under 6 weeks, I thought they really needed it. After i gave them the dewormer, they start pooping and throwing up, and out came the worms. For a whole day at different times one after another they all poop out the worms. It was nasty and smelly looks like spagetti. Then I notice that one of the pup wasn't doing so well I tried to nurse her, but it was too late she past. The next day I notice that the other one was in the same situation. So I took him to the vet. The vet gave me some more de-wormer to give to the rest of the pups. After receiving a bill for over $110. I took the pup home and try to nurse him back to health. I tried for two days but he wasn't getting any better. That night he past. Fearful that the rest might be in the same situation, I keep a closer eye on them. But they are find. As healthy as a normal pups. They poop out the rest of the worm in another day or two. I also brake them off from their mother. I start feeding them solid food and they don't nurse from their mother. NO more WORMS... The vet told me that they got the worms from the mother. So if every pups have worms, how can I prevent this from happening again. I notice that almost all de-wormers say no to de-worm a pregnant dog. So if I can't deworm a pregnant dog, how can I prevent the pups from having worms??? Please help...... thank you.
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Okay first of all.......ALL puppies get worms, about 99% of them are born with them, what you described as spaghetti is round worms..... 2nd of all OTC dewormers are the worst and when the label says don't give them to puppies under 6 weeks, sadly that is there for a reason. The second you spotted the worms you should have taken them to your vet, if they were infested that bad, your vet could of given and injection for the worms, which would of cleared them up in about 72 hours for the most part, then usually you go back about 10-21 days later for either another injection, pill or syrup form... depending on the exact med's your vet would of used, would depend on the time period between doses.
Sadly there is no real way to prevent puppies from getting worms, it's almost mother nature "sort of speaking" I know that could be worded differently, but that is what popped in my head.
No it is not safe to de-worm a pregnant dog, if you are planning on breeding again, then I would do some research and sit down and talk with your vet on what options are best for you and your dog for future breeding. Also keep in mind, if your going to breed make sure you have a good vet and money put away for emergencies, as you can never be to sure what could happen. Please don't think I'm lecturing you, because I'm not, I'm only trying to help
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of the 2 puppies
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Are you using preventative de-wormer? I know that heartguard and interceptor (which are heartworm preventive pills) include protection against most common internal parasites. I use interceptor, which covers 1 parasite more than heartguard. These are pills that are given monthly to dogs. Here is what the insert says about internal parasites:
Hookworms, roundworms and whipworms are common intestinal parasites of dogs in many parts of the US.
Puppies can acquire hookworm infections while in the uterus, through their mother's milk and by ingesting eggs released in their mother's feces. Adult dogs acquire hookworm infections by ingesting eggs and infective larvae that accumulate in their environment. Adult hookworms are bloodsucking parasites of the small intestine. Hookworm infections can cause anemia and even death if blood loss is severe.
Roundworm infections can also be acquired prior birth, through mother's milk and my ingestion of eggs in feces. In puppies, roundworm can cause lung infections and general debilitation. These large worms fill the small intestine and interfere with the absortion of nutrients. Severe infections can be fatal due to impactation of large amounts of worms in the intestine.
Adult whipworms are bloodsucking parasites that reside in the large intestine and cecum. The worms usually do not consume enough blood to cause death but they do cause inflammation of the intestinal lining. This inflammation can cause abdominal pain, decreased appetite, general malaise and bloody stools.
These pills can be used by pregnant dogs, and puppies over 4 weeks and 2 pounds. These pills, however, are sold by a vet. Most onver-the counter stuff don't really work, medicines gotten through a vet, even though more expensive, are usually way more efective.
I don't know much about dog breeding, but I think that weaning should be a gradual process, starting on some semi-solid food since they open their eyes, and slowly increasing the ammount of it.
Good luck with the survivor puppies. 8)
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thank you

thank you guys for all the advice. I have tried to do research on this also as I wait for your reply. And yes all that you have said are true. The rest of my puppies are fine and healthy. Since the death of my last pup, I totally took the rest of the pups off their mom's milk. They were 5 weeks old and have teeth already so all I do is feed them crushed canned food and dried dog food that I soaked in water to make it softer. NO more worms.... they are very happy and healthy. The mom's milk is drying up and also when they try to feed on her, she doesn't let them anymore.

I will take all your advice for future referrence. I also do have a supplier that I can buy medication from. I am NOT a season breeder, that is why I want to learn so that I can prevent such lost. Thank you once again.
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I'm glad we could help and I'm glad to hear your doing research, please don't hesitate to post anymore ?'s, as we would be happy to help the best that we can.
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thank you

thank you again... I will keep yall updated also. Plus I have a litter of yorkies that is due in a week or two. That is why I try to learn to this doesn't happen again.
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canned food, dog food

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